What is the best hotel in china



Pricing structure

We compared room rates at 13 different, randomly selected hotels in China. However, we have made sure that all areas of the hotel are represented. In other words, we also included high-end hotels and budget rooms in our comparison. We continued to choose hotels in different areas (major cities, tourist resorts and rural areas).

If you look at the total price of all 13 rooms in China, the result of the five analyzed online travel agencies (OTA) is similar. The difference between the lowest total (booking.com) and the highest total (Expedia) is only 5.

However, if we only looked at a specific hotel room, we saw huge price differences between the OAts. In one case, the offer was between the lowest (Trip.com) and the highest (Expedia) at 80.

We have also learned that there is no hotel booking site that always offers the cheapest offer. The room prices in hotel chains are usually identical. However, sometimes a special offer only appears on a few hotel booking sites.


Compared to the other hotel booking sites analyzed, Trip.com clearly appears to have the most hotels in its Chinese portfolio. This is not really a surprise as China is home to Trip.com. For the places we have analyzed, the range of hotels on Trip.com is twice and even four times higher than on Expedia / Hotels.com compared to Booking.com/Agoda.


Trip.com is the international booking site of Ctrip, one of the most popular booking sites for the Chinese. Trip.com contains the hotel reviews for the Ctrip. Hence, it is obvious that Trip.com outperforms the other OATs when comparing the number of reviews.


No OAT can be selected as a winner in relation to prizes. However, when it comes to ranges and reviews, Trip.com ranks well above the other four OATs. Thanks largely to a much larger pool of hotel options, we rank Trip.com as the best hotel booking site for China.