How forwards WhatsApp messages

Apps / software Forward signal message to WhatsApp - is that possible?


The many messengers available make communication easier - mostly. It only becomes problematic when five different contacts use four different messengers. In some cases, such apps offer the option of forwarding messages directly to another messenger. This works, for example, between WhatsApp and Telegram. With WhatsApp and Signal, however, it becomes more difficult. You can find tips here.

Forward messages in Signal

The creators of the Messenger Signal themselves state that secure and encrypted forwarding is actually only possible within the app. Forwarding as SMS or MMS is also possible. To forward a message from a Signal chat, you have to tap the blank area next to a message and then "Hand off"(Right arrow). You can now add further messages to the forwarding. Then select whether the messages should be sent to a Signal contact or via SMS.

No forwarding of Signal to WhatsApp - but a workaround

However, the messages have not yet landed in WhatsApp. Simply copying the corresponding message from Signal to the clipboard and then pasting it into WhatsApp is unfortunately not possible either. The only option: take a screenshot. This means that your WhatsApp contact can view your signal chat without being forwarded.

With an Android smartphone, you have to hold down the power button and the volume down button. With the iPhone, it depends on the model: With the iPhone 1-8, you have to press the power button and the home button. For devices from iPhone X and up, briefly press the power button and the volume up button.

Then open WhatsApp and call the chat to which you want to forward the signal message. Instead of copying in a text, you have to paste the screenshot as a message. So your WhatsApp chat partner can also see what has been discussed on Signal.

But be careful: Screenshots are not encrypted! If the data is sensitive, it may be better not to use this method. In addition, when you take your screenshot, you should only have content on the screen that you want to share.