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Nationwide counting action from 8th to 10th January 2021

Who is fluttering through the winter garden? NABU and NAJU Niedersachsen are calling from 8.-10. January 2021 for the eleventh "hour of the winter birds". Nationwide, NABU and its Bavarian partner, the Landesbund für Vogelschutz (LBV), invite you to take part in Germany's largest hands-on campaign. Bird lovers can then watch birds for an hour, count them and report them to NABU.

"Everyone can help to create a detailed snapshot of the bird life in our cities and villages," says Philip Foth from NABU Lower Saxony. "The data collected in this way helps to better protect our native birds." The "Hour of the Winter Birds" is Germany's largest scientific hands-on campaign. In 2020, more than 143,000 people took part in the campaign, over 15,000 of them in Lower Saxony alone. The house sparrow took the top spot as the most common winter bird in Lower Saxony's gardens, while the great tit and blue tit followed in second and third place.

Based on the long-term census, NABU experts were able to prove that the winter bird numbers in the gardens strongly depend on the weather. In cold and snowy winters, significantly more birds come near people. The long series of increasingly mild winters has recently led to falling winter bird numbers.

"The blue tit deserves special attention this winter," says Philip Foth. "Last spring, an epidemic caused by the bacterium Suttonella ornithocola occurred in large parts of Germany, killing thousands of birds of this species." "Hour of the garden birds" last May, fewer blue tits were observed. Hotspots in Lower Saxony were the districts of Ammerland, Oldenburg and Osterholz. It is exciting for the experts to find out whether this effect can still be felt in winter.

How does the bird count work?
The "Hour of the Winter Birds" is Germany's largest scientific hands-on activity. Everyone can count the birds on the bird feeder, in the garden, on the balcony or in the park for an hour and report them to NABU. From a quiet observation spot, the highest number of each species is noted that can be observed in the course of an hour.

The observations can then be reported online until January 18th. In addition, on January 9th and 10th for the telephone report The free number 0800-1157-115 is switched from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can also use the app. Or sign up by post: Simply detach the registration form postcard from one of our participation flyers, stamp it with 60 cents and send it to NABU, hour of winter birds, 10469 Berlin by January 20th (date of postmark).

The pure interest and joy in the bird world are sufficient for participation, no special qualification is necessary for the winter bird count. If you are unsure which bird you have in front of you, the online bird guide will help you.

The winter birds school lesson
The “Winter Birds School Lesson” will take place from January 11th to 15th. The classes and groups can take part in the NABU bird census and send in their counting results by January 18th or enter them at www.NABU.de/onlinemeldung. The NAJU is giving away great prizes among all submissions. All information, materials and action ideas: www.NAJU.de/sdw.

NAJU Lower Saxony is providing an action package for the “Winter Birds School Lesson”. The class set includes, among other things. a registration form, a poster, counting aids and informative fan-folds with the most common winter birds. The campaign package can be sent in as postage stamps for 1.55 euros to NABU Lower Saxony, keyword 'school lesson', Alleestr. 36, 30167 Hanover.

The NABU bird trainer
In order to be able to prepare optimally for the count, the NABU offers its own learning program for the “hour of the winter birds”. With the new free e-learning tool "NABU Bird Trainer" you can playfully learn everything about 15 common birds that can be found in our gardens in winter. Questions like "which bird can be found most frequently in Germany?" Or "do birds get cold feet in winter?" Are answered there. Everyone can get fit now at www.vogeltrainer.de.

Order info package
NABU Lower Saxony offers an information package including counting aid and winter bird portraits as well as tips on winter feeding for the hands-on campaign 'Hour of Winter Birds'. It can be ordered by sending a five-euro note to: NABU Lower Saxony, keyword: information package hour of the winter birds, Alleestr. 36, 30167 Hanover.


Robin Photo Contest

With the motto “My beautiful robin garden”, photos of the newly selected bird of the year 2021 can now be sent in.


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