What happened to Link's parents from Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Game description:
The mark Zelda has been around for over 30 years and has a correspondingly large fan base. It is therefore hardly surprising that the adventure coincides with the new Nintendo console Switchhas been published. Owner of the Wii U can also enjoy the adventure, but with slight technical cutbacks.
Game hero Link wakes up after a hundred years of sleep in the fantasy realm of Hyrule. Evil, in the form of Ganon, keeps Princess Zelda imprisoned in her castle and his minions roam the landscape. Woven in a fairytale staged story, the likeable hero has to explore the game world and face exciting challenges in it, fight action-packed battles, solve tricky puzzles, talk to residents, complete tasks for them and ultimately stand up for what is good.

Pedagogical assessment:
The beginning
awakens as a fragile and unarmed youth in a dangerous three-dimensional wilderness. First of all, players get to know the central requirements for action in a clear way. However, this knowledge is put to a severe test after just a few hours. Due to the open design of the world, it can quickly happen that you are confronted with challenges that are hardly manageable at this point in time. Because in addition to conventional villains, there are also particularly heavy chunks waiting here.

Useful stuff along the way
Found ingredients, such as mushrooms, herbs, flowers or even insects, can be stirred together over a saucepan to make dishes with beneficial effects to simplify the process. In addition, the equipment is crucial to be able to survive in the adventurous world. A suitable coat is required on icy mountains and fireproof clothing is required in the desert in order to survive here in the long term. The shields and also weapons such as bows, swords, axes and boomerangs, however, break quickly, which is why particularly powerful specimens should be used with care. With enough tactics, hand-eye coordination and patience, even the most difficult opponents in the game can be defeated.

The big theme that always resonates in this adventure is freedom. In addition to the well-known from this series, players can cross an open world here. Which path to take and when is up to you: whether you plan to explore the volcano visible in the distance, try your hand at cooking beneficial meals or want to tame the most beautiful wild horse to ride through the dusk - the The freedoms offered are fascinating. There are also little secrets and additional stimuli to explore everywhere. For example, places from a photo album can be found to unlock memories of the past.

Brain teasers
By completing a total of 100 small temples with varied and creative puzzles, endurance and life energy can be upgraded. In order to survive here, in addition to the bow and sword, modules such as bombs, a magnet or a stasis field must be used in a tactically wise manner. There are also the so-called titans, 4 of them in number. These powerful machine beings must be "tamed" in order to use them against Ganon. For this purpose, protective mechanisms are first deactivated in order to then solve complex puzzles in its huge, multi-storey interior. At the end of the game, a particularly difficult boss awaits. Both the temples and the titans, and at the end the great Hyrule Castle, can score with an interesting and often unique design and offer a successful change from the upper world.

Age assessment
The imaginative story of a noble hero who saves the princess appeals to children too. And the presentation with picturesque, detailed backdrops and an atmospheric soundtrack is also fascinating for younger people. However, the game bears the legal age rating of the entertainment software self-regulation (USK) "from 12 years". In addition to the numerous happy and funny moments, there are also creepy passages and moments of shock. In the open world, villains appear who can possibly appear threatening to children. Precisely because Link is a strong figure to identify with and players are responsible for him through their actions, stress or excessive demands can quickly arise here. In addition, the numerous dialogues in text form require a certain reading ability and readiness. Older people from the age of 12, on the other hand, find sufficient opportunities to distance themselves due to their media experience and the setting that is clearly recognizable as fictitious.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can offer over 50 hours of varied play fun in a landscape that can be explored freely with different designs. And the abundance of tasks and possibilities described above make it clear that very different types of players are addressed here. Some scenes could be scary for children and some puzzles too tricky. The game can usually be played without any problems for experienced young people from the age of 12.