What was Metallica songs about?

The Croatian music YouTuber Denis Paun interpreted the Metallica hit "Enter Sandman" in the style of the German metal icons Rammstein. It's a concept that the young Croat has been trying out for months in various constellations of legendary bands. Previously, for example, he covered “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode in the style of Motörhead.

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Denis Paun not only interpreted "Enter Sandman" in the Rammstein-typical industrial metal style, he also translated the complete lyrics one-to-one into German, which in some places led to amusing formulations like "Something is wrong, do the easy ones tonight "lead to heavy thoughts". The result can still be heard. The result is a pretty credible interpretation of a song that doesn't actually exist.

Listen to "Enter Sandman" in Rammstein style here:

Both Rammstein and Metallica are currently using the corona lockdown to work on new music - independently of each other, of course. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently revealed, however, that the production of their album will require even more time and that an early release is therefore rather unlikely. Apparently it looks different with Rammstein, because keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz recently reported that they have successfully used the lockdown for the production of a new album. The record could be released this year. In addition, Rammstein are still planning to go on a world tour from May to August 2021. Whether their concerts can actually take place is rather unlikely according to the current status.