What does the emoticon 21

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Face without a mouth
The emoji without a mouth stands for silence and can only watch: You don't want to or can't say anything about a certain topic. It is difficult or embarrassing to continue the conversation at the moment. Face in the clouds
The emoji is surrounded in fog or clouds. Those who carry their heads in the clouds are either dreamy, do not want to admit reality or (un) consciously suppress it. The focus may be blurred and there may be a state of confusion or bliss.Unpleasant face
The sullen, disgruntled look expresses dissatisfaction. The smiley is not enthusiastic about one thing and shows that too. It represents disinterest and disapproval; but can also express concern for a person or situation.Thinking face
The famous thinker pose: the pensive face with a hand on the chin confronts a statement, the person, an idea, questions and ponders and ponders.Face with rolling eyes
The emoji rolls its eyes upwards: He / she finds the situation or a person boring, annoying and does not want to pay any further attention to the message. But it can stand for observation because you don't yet know what to write and react to. Face with a raised eyebrow
Questioning facial expression with raised eyebrows reminds a bit of the actor "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson). It represents skepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.Smiling face with tear
A smile with a tear in your eye: who doesn't know it, instead of being really happy, you smile to hide the pain in difficult times. The real feelings are hidden behind the smile. It can also be used for a positive as well as negative situation that has something good and bad about it.Face with uneven eyes and a curled mouth
Eyes half open, mixed up, half closed, crooked mouth and tongue hanging out: the emoji is confused or not doing well due to tiredness or the currently confused world of emotions. Neutral face
The so-called poker face: It is expressionless with a neutral look. The smiley face is unfazed, awkward, or indifferent.Amazed face
The emoji with the corners of the mouth slightly sloping downwards: The smiley is confused, insecure, dissatisfied or does not agree with something and has imagined the situation differently.Face frowning slightly
A smiley face with the corner of the mouth down: It can signal rejection, displeasure and anger. It expresses "I'm sorry" or "I'm a little annoyed".Frowning face
An almost sad face with the corners of his mouth hanging wide: the emoji looks unhappy and shows his dissatisfaction. Worried face
The smiley looks worried and has a looking face: he / she feels anxious, insecure and uncomfortable about a complicated situation or an important event. Expressionless face
The expressionless face with closed eyes and mouth: He / she is tired, annoyed, emotionless and no longer has the patience to reach the goal of the conversation. The right words are simply missing to continue the conversation.Frowning face with open mouth
The mouth open emoji with corner of mouth pointing up is surprised, horrified, fearful, suspicious, and cannot believe the situation and worries about the one. You were caught freezing with this event and feel totally taken by surprise.Speechless face
Oh, my goodness! The uncomfortably surprised face has no words because of shocking news. I didn't expect the statement now! Disappointed face
The sad emoji hangs its head and looks downwards: it expresses disappointment, frustration, sadness, remorse and regret.Thoughtful face
The emoji that looks pensive and disappointed at the ground: You now need time to think about it in order to overcome melancholy, general dissatisfaction and frustration.Face with cold sweat
The emoji looks down in disappointment with a drooping corner of his mouth and a droplet of sweat on his forehead: The smiley is stressed and worried about a bad experience because something went differently than it should.Pain-plagued face
The face of the emojis has raised eyebrows, open eyes and a mouth with the corners of the mouth pointing downwards: It stands for shock, disappointment, fear, frustration, horror and an unexpected, negative surprise that one did not expect.Suffering face
The emoji's face is filled with pain and looks tormented: it feels helpless and is suffering. But you have to fight through the situation and you soon got through it.Dismayed face
The emoji's facial expression is distorted and the mouth is jagged: the smiley face is frustrated, trembling with anger, angry or helpless. The barrel is about to overflow!Listless face
The emoji moans and babbles with raised eyebrows and sloping corners of her mouth about grueling, uncomfortable but inevitable things. He / she is tearful, upset, mentally or physically exhausted and just wants rest.Sleepy face
The emoji is tired and would like to sleep. The bubble that comes out of the nose is a manga character of a sleeping character and means that a conversation or message is extremely boring and drowsy.Yawning face
The eyes are closed and the hand covers a hearty and big yawn: The smiley serves as an indication that a topic or a person is not interested, bored or tired yourself and that you should end the conversation.Tired face
The narrow-eyed and open-mouth emoji is not doing well. It is very exhausted, tired, broken and now needs rest and first has to recover and regenerate.Sleeping face
The smiley face with the “zZz” over the head stands for sleeping characters in comics or cartoons. The emoji is sleeping. With the emoji you want to say "good night and nice dreams!" to wish.Crying face
A sad face with a tear rolling down its cheek: the emoji is hurt and upset.Violently crying face
The tears fall like a waterfall from the eyes over the desperate face: the smiley face is offended, in pain or suffered defeat.Disappointed but relieved face
The emoji is distressed and concerned (, maybe even relieved). The smiley has experienced a stressful and difficult situation with an unpleasant outcome and survived it, but not without bumps and bruises.Open mouth face and cold sweat
The fearful face with an open, speechless mouth and the cold sweat on the forehead: the emoji is worried, shocked due to stress or emotional distress.Dazed face
The emoji with crossed eyes and open mouth is totally dazed, off the trail and no longer knows where up and down is. It symbolizes strong emotions or drunkenness.Face with spiral eyes
The mouth is open, the eyes are shaped in spirals. The emoji is used in cases of dizziness such as circulatory problems. Alternatively, you can use the emoji if something or someone has put you under its spell or if you are hypnotized. Possibly there is disorientation in the person.Anxious face
The frightened face is frightened and dazed. Seems to be deeply shocked and surprised by a worrying event or intense experience.Face frozen in fear
Horrified face with two hands screaming: the smiley face froze with fear or has received shocking news. It can also be used ironically or for Halloween.Sneezing face
A sneezing face with closed eyes, blowing his nose into a handkerchief: It stands for a cold and that someone is sick or feels unwell.Face with head bandage
Sad looking face with head bandage: The person is sick, has had an accident or is in the hospital. The bandage symbolizes health problems that must first heal.Face with clinical thermometer
The face with the thermometer in the mouth expresses illness. You have caught the flu or some other illness that has a fever. One is concerned about getting sick and one checks one's values.Disgusted face
The emoji is green in the face, nauseous, and looks like he's about to throw up. It can express disgust, disgust and aversion, or it can stand for an illness.Overheated face
The emoji has a bright red head, its tongue hangs out of its mouth, and beads of sweat appear on its forehead. It's just called that!Freezing face
The emoji is blue with cold, the smile is frozen. It's so damn cold! Open mouth face that is vomiting
The puking smiley makes it clear that someone is not doing well and he / she is nauseous. With the smiley you can also give a statement about a thing, how you find it and what you think of a suggestion.Face with symbols over the mouth
The serious-looking smiley is really annoyed, angry, frustrated and throws around with strong expressions. The symbols above the mouth represent swearing.Angry face
Smiley is grouchy, upset and angry at something unpleasant or serves as a rejection. The person shouldn't be bumped into at the moment.Pouting face
The pouting, crimson face is an expression of displeasure, anger and anger about a person or situation. Caution, risk of explosion!Face with exploding head
The exploding head can for "I can't believe it", "This is going to blow you away"; but also stand for shock and awe. A reaction is very exciting or surprising.