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UPDATE: Aixtron under pressure - background and goals!

THE SHAREHOLDER announced earlier this morning that Aixtron benefited from a strong rise in demand for components for the semiconductor industry in the first quarter of the year. The company was not able to fully meet the high expectations of the stock exchange traders. There was also a setback in an Oled project. The result: instead of the expected continuation of the trend, the share has fallen significantly after its very strong performance recently.

In the first quarter, sales climbed by around a fifth year-on-year to just under 50 million euros. The market had hoped for a little more here. The operating result (EBIT) was slightly negative at minus 0.7 million euros; here too, analysts had expected more and expected a clearly positive value.

Nevertheless, the outlook remains promising: For the 2021 financial year, the Management Board continues to expect a strong increase in business development compared to the previous year, and operating earnings should even be slightly more than previously thought.

Meanwhile, there was a setback for the daughter Apeva. With the completion of an Oled development project at the end of 2020, she had made long-awaited, great progress. A customer - according to Aixtron one of the world's largest display manufacturers - accepted a corresponding system after long tests. But now it was said that the customer talks had not led to the hoped-for result. Therefore, Apeva is now looking for customers in China for the technology for the production of Oleds. A successful conclusion of the talks with potential customers in China is not expected before 2022, according to the announcement.

In spite of the good business outlook, investors reacted with a huff: The share fell by over ten percent to EUR 16.65, but was able to break away from the lows in the further course of the year. Despite the price slide, profits in the current year still add up to more than 20 percent. At the beginning of April, the share still scratched the 20 euro mark.

THE SHAREHOLDER remains optimistic and assumes that the OLED issue, which has been discussed for years, has already been "mentally ticked off" by most investors and that the current boom in demand is weighted much higher. Therefore, the share should resume its uptrend after a stabilization phase.

(With material from dpa-AFX)

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Authors: Lynch, Peter
Number of pages: 384
Release date: 20.11.2017
Format: Soft cover
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