What does fly like that mean?

Why do flies keep falling on our skin?

Basically, just like us, flies are often in search of food, and we smell incredibly attractive to the flies. The flies go after body odors, including sweat odors. And it is there that they have highly sensitive sense organs. This means that they not only fly to people who smell of sweat, but they can also be extremely attracted to people who shower regularly and pay close attention to their hygiene by the body odor, which is quite normal.

And so it is in the apartment, for example, that we are unrivaled attractive there. There are no other animals that smell good too. But if we take a look at a meadow in summer that is littered with cows, for example, there are also many other animals that are much more attractive to flies.

And they really suffer from the flies! Correct?

So, of course, the same thing can happen to us humans when we are in areas where there are no or few large animals. In the Australian outback, for example, there are bush flies when you walk around there as a person, swarm around by the hundreds of thousands and then crawl into your noses and ear canals or even into your eyes, which is very uncomfortable. So, if we compare that with other countries, I think that we are still relatively little bothered by flies here in Germany.

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