What happens when Queen 1 dies

Death of the Queen: This is what happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies

The Queen broke Queen Victoria's throne record in 2016! No monarch before her ruled as long as she did. Most Britons have never seen a time when Elizabeth II was not queen. When she dies the grief will be immense. Details for the case of the cases have meanwhile become known. | AZ / dpaDon't rememberMark0 Comments Recommend article

"London Bridge is down." If these four words are ever brought to the Prime Minister, the Guardian wants to know, then an era will come to an end in Great Britain. This sentence should - at least so far - be the secret code in case the Queen of England (94) should die. The British newspaper writes that with a lot of inside knowledge. There is no official information on this: Buckingham Palace does not comment on the report.

"My whole life, should it be short or long," promised the future Queen of England, on her 21st birthday, that she would dedicate to her subjects. She has now been on the throne for almost 70 years (she was crowned queen on June 2, 1953). She is jokingly referred to as the only princess who climbed a tree and came down as queen. Because the news of the death of their father, George VI, reached Elizabeth and her husband Philip with a delay in 1952 on a trip to Kenya in a tree house hotel. The secret code for George's death is said to have been "Hyde Park Corner".

Detailed plan in the event of the Queen's death: who does what?

For more than 50 years, according to the Guardian, it has been planned who has to do what and when in the event of the Queen's death. It has been fine-tuned to the last detail for around 20 years. In the meantime, those involved, including government officials and the army, meet two to three times a year, according to the detailed report. The Guardian does not name his sources, but he does want to know many details: How are the Commonwealth countries informed about the death of the Queen, what clothes are worn by the servant who has to post the message at the gates of Buckingham Palace ? How does the Queen's body get to London if she dies elsewhere?

Everything cleared - as the newspaper writes: The official mourning should last twelve days. Slam and satire from the BBC would then be undesirable. The people could say goodbye to the Queen at Westminster Hall, where the body would be laid out. The palace reckons with half a million people patiently forming a line several kilometers long. Probably the largest funeral in the world will then take place in Westminster Abbey. About 2,000 guests are expected, according to the report, including many politicians.

Burial of the Queen in the King George VI memorial chapel

Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, was buried in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on April 17, 2021. But Philip's remains no longer remain in the tomb, and will be reburied when the Queen dies. A grave is planned for the queen in the small King George VI memorial chapel. Philip and Elizabeth will then rest side by side forever. Also buried in the memorial chapel: the Queen's father, father George VI, her mother and her sister Margaret.

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Queen Elizabeth II. - Solid as a rock for decades

The paralysis of shock into which the country would fall in the event of death cannot be planned. Because the British love their queen more than anything. For decades it has led the country like a rock through all the ups and downs and has given many support in the turmoil of Brexit. Only once did she fall out of favor with the people when she initially remained silent when her ex-daughter-in-law Diana died in an accident. And how is the Queen at the moment? She is vigorous and managed - always dressed in striking colors and with a handbag on her arm - waving and smiling, still a pretty tight program. She was often accompanied by her husband Philip, who died in April 2021, whom she described as her great support. When the couple caught a bad cold on Christmas 2016, the whole country worried. In 2017 Prince Philip retired and died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle.

However, the queen already wants to step back a little and had given up some honorary posts at the turn of the year 2017 - of several hundred. Heir to the throne is Prince Charles. His coronation has long been prepared down to the last detail. He is now 72 years old and has been patient for a long time. Many suspect that the human rights activist, organic farmer and climate protection activist will not find it as easy as his mother to keep his personal views behind as head of state. It will also be exciting to see whether Camilla is really recognized by the people as the woman at his side. Because with her he cheated on his wife, Princess Diana. Then what title does Camilla have?

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Prince William takes on other royal duties

Many Britons would rather see his son Prince William as successor to the throne. He moved back to London with his wife Kate and their three children, also to relieve his elderly grandmother with her royal duties. William has already felt how difficult life is as heir to the throne number two: Because of a short vacation in Switzerland in 2017, with an exuberant apr├Ęs-ski party, some British media found the then 34-year-old unsuitable for the throne Even during official appearances with Kate, every facial expression of the couple is interpreted. One thing is clear: should the English queen die, her successor will have a very difficult legacy to take on.

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