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120 km from Leh by bus

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Antoine d'Audigier Seasoned Traveler

A dream destination for lovers of mountains and trekking.

Climb the Rohtang Pass and admire the Himalayan mountain range.

Manali is a wonderful gateway to the Himalayan mountain range. Snowed in in winter, the altitude ensures temperatures around 20 degrees in summer, when everything further south suffocates under the heat. You come here to relax and the numerous hot thermal springs help a lot.

Since the temperatures are pleasant and the city is not particularly big, the place is particularly suitable for walks. Take advantage of it, the Indian destinations, where possible, are rather rare. You can also sit on the banks of the Kullu, the river that flows past Manali, and watch the locals bathe or fetch water.

If you like it even fresher, I can only recommend you to climb to the Rohtang Pass, which is more than 4,000 meters. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view of Manali and the valley. You can bivouack near the lakes and marvel at the mountains above the clouds.

Nina Montagné Seasoned traveler
159 written reviews

Tourist city in the Himalayan foothills in the north of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Although hashish is always offered in Manali, it is banned in India. Possession is punishable by imprisonment!

Manali For many backpackers, it is a place where you know when to arrive but not when to leave! Many only want to spend two or three days here and then stay for a few months. This is also due to the local smokable luxury foods ...

Indeed, Manali is known for its high quality hashish made in the surrounding mountains: the Manali Cream. Be careful when consuming it, because it is very strong and, above all, strictly prohibited by law. The police have no joke in this regard, even with tourists.

On a trip to India, Manali is a good stopover on the way to Ladhak. Here you can spend a few days in one of the numerous and friendly Guesthouses relax before tackling the Himalayan mountains. It is also an important base station for trekking tours in the surrounding mountain region.

Lorette Vinet Seasoned Traveler

Manali is a little haven of peace for backpackers. On your trip to India, after arriving in New Delhi, you will feel a sigh of relief ...

You should know that there are plenty of attractions that make staying in town a little worthwhile. Do not underestimate this stage of your trip: stay there for several days and make the most of the various attractions.

Our base camp was near the public baths in a small wooden house on the "shopping street" of Vashisht. Details would get too far, but don't ignore it, you just HAVE to go. Step off the marked trails, climb a little higher to cool off under a waterfall, and walk around the valley to see Hadimba Temple with your own eyes.

Plus, don't miss a look at Old Manali and its souvenir shops. If I add how many exciting sporting activities the city has to offer, I confirm that Manali holds many treasuresthat you will find without having to look too big !!

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