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The abbreviation NC stands for Numerus Clausus, translated "limited number". This in turn means that only a limited number of places are available in a course. The reason for this is limited capacities: the professors and their academic staff can only optimally supervise a certain number of students and the spatial and technical resources are finite.

University NC and ZVS NC

There are two different forms of NC: The university NC, if a university limits the number of its places in consultation with the responsible ministry and allocates them on its own. And the ZVS-NC, if the number of study places is limited nationwide and they are allocated for study places by the Stiftung Hochschulstart (formerly "Central Allocation Office" ZVS). This applies to the courses in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy at the University of Halle.

Apply and wait

To get a place in an NC course, you have to apply to the respective institution. The application with the required documents goes either to the University of Halle or the Stiftung Hochschulstart. If the factors of Abitur grade, waiting time and possibly civil or military service match, the application is immediately successful - in the so-called main procedure - and the place at the university is secure.

If you don't get a place in the first round, you can still hope for a place. Because not everyone who gets a place in the main process also accepts it. Most interested parties apply for several courses of study and at several universities - unfortunately, up to 50 applications are no longer uncommon. Accordingly, many approvals will be released again and can be offered to successors.

It is a widespread misconception that the so-called NC values ​​are set in advance and are "to be created" by applicants. Rather, it is only after the application and enrollment period has ended that it is determined which Abitur grade the person who was able to get the last place in an NC subject has. This - as it is correctly called - NC limit value (limit between applicants admitted and rejected in the current year) can then serve as an orientation for admission chances in the next year.

The most important things at a glance

The most important points are summarized below:

  1. An NC shouldn't prevent anyone from applying.
  2. There are no specified NC values ​​that represent a binding and immovable limit.
  3. The published NC values ​​are based on the main proceedings of the previous year. At best, they are an indication of how popular the subject is, but they do not say anything about the Abitur grade with which you can win in the replacement procedure.
  4. A rejection in the first selection round says nothing. It is quite possible that you will be given a chance in the first or second replacement procedure.
  5. Everyone can help to minimize the chaos for the other applicants: If you have got a place for several universities, you should decide quickly, accept the place and register the other places again.

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