How can I learn Linux through books

The 5 best Linux books

Linux: The Comprehensive Guide

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It is not always easy to summarize everything about Linux in one book, so it is all the more astonishing that the author succeeded in doing so. In this Linux book, all the important basics are discussed and you will learn how to use them effectively. It starts with the setup and ends with the encryption of your files and the creation of your own networks.

The author generally focuses on explaining everything very easily so that even difficult concepts are easy to understand. This is especially useful when looking at how much is featured. With all the topics, it can quickly happen that it becomes too much and then it is important that you are not overwhelmed with information, but rather that it is presented in a beautiful way.

It starts with the question of what Linux actually is. Here you will not only learn something about the history, but also which hardware is supported and a lot of other important information to get started.

It then continues with the installation, which can be quite different depending on which Linux version you want to use. There are different providers, which gives you a large selection in the Linux area. So it can be that two Linux versions look completely different.

In the next step, the author explained how you can use Linux correctly and also does this in relation to the different environments that exist when you use a certain Linux system. In addition, the different applications are presented, which include Firefox or FileZilla, for example. Here you can quickly get a feel for which registrations there are for Linux at all.

So that you can work effectively with Linux, you will also be taught how to work in the terminal or how to use Bash. So there are many different tasks that you can do faster in this way and also automate to a certain extent.

In summary, it can be said that the book really offers a very large selection of tools and tips, which will certainly be of great help to you when getting started. This was only a rough overview of the topics, because there is a lot more.