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Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a recommendation round at the microblogging service Twitter that takes place every Friday. Using the hashtag #ff or #FollowFriday, Twitter users, so-called tweeps, can be recommended whose tweets and profiles are particularly interesting. The recommendations mostly relate to profiles, whereby the tweets of these profiles are decisive for a recommendation. The people, organizations or companies that are recommended to the community often get more followers this way. This practice creates a greater reach for the tweets of these profiles, which is why FollowFriday is increasingly used for marketing purposes, but is particularly aimed at new Twitter users with few followers.

General information on the topic [edit]

The idea for FollowFriday came from Micah Baldwin, who sent the following tweet on January 16, 2009:

I am starting Follow Fridays. Every Friday, suggest a person to follow, and everyone follow him / her. Today its @fancyjeffrey & @ w1redone. - Micah Baldwin (@micah) Jan 16, 2009

After a short time, Mykl Roventime recommended the hashtag #followfriday, which was later also used in the short form #ff. Some followers from Baldwin and Roventime helped to further increase the awareness of the new Twitter event. Within a short time it became an international trend in which thousands of Twitter users recommend interesting Twitter profiles to their followers. Similar to Retweet, FollowFriday is a function that was launched by Twitter users. This is believed to be one reason why the phenomenon has become a trend in a very short time.[1]

How it works [edit]

Every Twitter user can take part in FollowFriday by using the corresponding hashtag and integrating the profiles that he would like to recommend with an @ sign. As a rule, only one to three profiles are mentioned, so that the follow-up recommendations have a personal touch. There are two variants, but their syntax is almost the same:

#FollowFriday @google @bing @ Yahoo # ff @google @bing @Yahoo

Using the hashtag, all relevant tweets are referenced with the keywords FollowFriday or ff. The @ sign in front of the Twitter profiles is used to set a direct link to the respective profile. The sender's followers can thus visit the recommended profile with one click and decide for themselves whether they want to follow this profile.

Optional is a short text that explains why the profiles are interesting. The most effective recommendations are likely to be those that focus on a profile and describe it in a few words.[2] It is important to observe the syntax and the correct spelling of the profile name. Otherwise the tweet will not be listed in the hashtag Twitter search and the links to the respective profiles will be ineffective.

An authentic recommendation based on a well-founded opinion is also central to successfully sending a recommendation. If you take part in FollowFriday, you should make sure that the profiles that you link are really recommended. If this is not the case, Twitter users will not take the recommendation seriously and the tweet can be lost in the stream of numerous tweets. The latter often occurs when only products are recommended that have only little informative added value for Twitter users.[3]

Practical relevance [edit]

The FollowFriday has long since ceased to be based on the weekly cycle according to American time. Internationally, the times in which such tweets are sent have shifted forwards and backwards - depending on the applicable time zone of the Twitter profile participating in FollowFriday. Accordingly, tweets with the hashtags FollowFriday and ff are already sent from some countries on Thursdays; the same applies to the following weekend. Some Twitter users also use the hashtag #ff on normal weekdays and thereby contradict the original intention behind it.

Since the FollowFriday is now a trend, there are several websites and Twitter tools that offer overviews and rankings. In some cases, the data is integrated into social media tools in order to obtain information about the most frequent recommendations together with other metrics. Various factors determine whether this data is accurate. For example, how the current Twitter API is integrated and whether Twitter provides such information at all in the required manner.

  • The popular website followfriday.com was transferred to the tool SocialBro, which also uses location and activity-related data and reach to find suitable followers.[4]
  • The TwitNerd tool has a menu that can be used to send personalized recommendations based on mentions.[5]
  • The Commun.it tool provides data on the most committed users and allows this data to be used to send recommendation tweets.[6]
  • In principle, Twitter lists are also a way of participating in FollowFriday. Lists with interesting profiles are created here, which are then sent with the hashtag #ff or #followfriday.[7]
  • There are also numerous websites and tools, such as topfollowfriday.com or general social media tools.

Importance for social media marketing

The FollowFriday is a development based on the one hand on the idea of ​​crowdsourcing and on the other hand using classic marketing approaches. The fact that a large number of Twitter users use the corresponding hashtags makes the crowd a medium for distributing recommendations. At the same time, recommendations are passed on according to the word of mouth principle, which is why most Twitter users also prefer personal Follow Friday tweets. The special thing about this development, however, is certainly the viral effect, which is characterized by the sometimes high reach of individual recommendations. If there are influencers among the recipients, this viral effect can be even more effective.

However, FollowFriday is also often criticized or its development: Because many Twitter users recommend hundreds of profiles over time and often there are also company profiles that are more about marketing and not about authentic recommendations. Critics say that the sheer volume of FollowFriday tweets undermines the goal of the original practice, as hardly anyone reads all of these tweets or follows the recommended profiles.[8] The extent to which FollowFriday is useful for increasing the reach therefore also depends on the way in which the hashtags #ff and #followfriday are used in tweets.[9]

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