How does Myntra Android Apps work

Myntra Online Shopping App

Myntrais this internet shop gives its customers the ability to make online purchases in three logical clique: 1) search, 2) select, 3) buy.
Internet shop Myntra, No matter where you are, now he will always be with you. Just three clicks and you are excited about your favorite brands - more than 2000 available in the shop.

Myntranot just another online shop. This is a guide to the world of fashion and beauty. Our professional consultants and interactive applications search help you find products as searched for based on the strict requirements of your desire, and the fashionable trends in product categories of your interest. With the help of Myntra Here you can find the best deals of the products, that is only possible on the World Wide Web:

  • 100% original origin of the goods;
  • Credit purchase;
  • Flexible system of discounts;
  • Refunds or exchanges of goods within 30 days;
  • Fast ordering and delivery, and secure payment - cash or credit card.

Raw material position MyntraThey were for children and young people, for adults men and women, for athletes, music lovers and book lovers, for cosmopolitans and representatives of culture and subculture.


  1. The goods are accompanied by photographs and descriptions to test - they are written by our experts in the world of fashion and style.
  2. Search found as their own name - possibly as a make or model number, and by description. For further search filter set size, color, price, discount.
  3. Are you making your first purchase? Get a discount. As, as you shop, you earn bonuses that you can convert into gifts for yourself.
  4. Acacia and regular shop remaining stock;
  5. The order is quick;
  6. Payment is cash on delivery or credit card;
  7. Returns or exchanges of the purchase are accepted within 30 days.

Registration is via Facebook.
On your account page in the store Myntra You can get publications - they become a great Myntra community.
You can share your results directly from the application with your friends on social networks WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or by email.