How is the scent of perfumes tested?

The color rosette test: which perfume type are you?

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As a blogger, I often get new fragrances sent to me, but unfortunately I rarely find a fragrance that appeals to me. Burberry Brit and Daisy of Marc Jacobs are two exceptions that I "endure", most fragrances are just too intrusive for me and I get a headache from them. Similar to the choice of color (summer type, autumn type, etc.), however, supposedly every person is a certain type of scent and all you have to do is find out which one you are ...

Perfume: more than just a beauty accessory

Buying perfume is exhausting for me: In the perfumery, I stand in front of the endless shelves with fragrances and am simply overwhelmed. The helpful ladies then hand me one synthetic fragrance from well-known designers after the other and I don't like any of them. Even worse: at some point I don't even know if and what I like. A perfume is much more than just a beauty accessory. It can evoke memories and affect mood. I therefore dealt a little more intensively with my smell taste. I was on the fragrance test of the perfume developer Dr. Joachim Mensing (including Davidoff Cool Water).

Which color rosette do you like? Image credit: Own graphic implementation according to Mensing

Fragrance type: The color rosette test

Dr. Mensing is of the opinion that when reaching for a certain perfume, psychological factors, i.e. our personality and our experience desires, play a major role. When choosing a fragrance, there is a very special process: First, we check whether we can identify with a perfume (the name and marketing also play a major role here) and then we relate the fragrance to what we want to experience. Joachim Mensing has made use of the connection between fragrance, color and self-awareness and developed eight large fragrance families. To find out which of the fragrance families and thus which perfumes suit you best, decide spontaneously which of the color rosettes shown above appeals to you most.

You can find the answer here.

I would rather assign my perfume favorites to the floral and not fruity fragrance family, but the transitions between floral and fruity are probably fluid / Image credit: Douglas

What type of perfume am I? My result

Personally, I like the pastel variant at the bottom in the middle the most. That means that I supposedly like fruity perfumesRalph Lauren - Ralph, Donna Karan - DKNY and Gucci - Envy Me accept. The perfumes that I liked the most so far: Marc Jacobs - Daisy, Burberry - Brit, and Lacoste - Eau de Lacoste I would have rather assigned the flowery direction. In any case, it is important to me that the smell lasts on the skin for a long time, but does not develop an overly intense note. Perhaps, however, the synthetic perfumes don't really appeal to me. How do you feel about perfumes, have you already found your fragrance family?