Why do people like Netflix

Young people love Netflix and WhatsApp - nobody likes Facebook

For young people in Germany, linear television is pretty out of place - they prefer to stream series and films on Netflix, Amazon and in various media libraries. Almost every second young person watches Netflix regularly, and one in five uses Amazon Prime. The proportion of regular Netflix users has doubled compared to the previous year. Streaming is also extremely popular with young people when it comes to music consumption: For the first time, more young people are listening to music on Spotify than live on the radio.

These are the results of the recently published JIM study 2018 by the Medienp├Ądagogischen Forschungsverbund S├╝dwest (mpfs). Since 1998, the association has been investigating the everyday media life of young people in Germany. For the current study, a total of 1200 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 were interviewed by telephone. The survey took place from May to August.

Only 2 percent are still offline

In 2018, practically all families had smartphones (99 percent), computers / laptops (98 percent) and access to the Internet (2 percent are still offline). However, digital language assistants remain exotic in German households, with 14 percent of the households surveyed using the helpers.

A life without a smartphone, on the other hand, is hardly possible: 97 percent of young people have their own cell phone; for girls it is even 99 percent. 71 percent of young people have their own computer, 50 percent their own television. The biggest differences between the sexes are found in game consoles: while 61 percent of boys have at least one console, 30 percent of girls do.

Young users prefer to be on the Internet: 91 percent are online every day. 94 percent use their smartphone every day. Anyone who thinks that the young people have therefore withered into couch potatoes is wrong: 72 percent of the girls surveyed and 70 percent of the boys said they meet friends at least several times a week. Sport comes second (66 and 72 percent).

Facebook the big loser

When asked about their favorite Internet offers, most young people said YouTube (63 percent). The platform is "almost unrivaled", write the authors of the study. In second place is WhatsApp with 39 percent, followed by Instagram with 30 percent.

While Facebook was mentioned by 15 percent of young people last year, this year it was 6 percent. "Compared to last year, there are two striking changes. The popularity of Netflix has more than doubled, and that of Facebook more than halved when it was spontaneously mentioned," explains the study. In the survey, the young people were allowed to name up to three offers. While Facebook is falling behind in favor of young people, the proportion of young people who regularly use Instagram rose to 67 percent.

Most young people (95 percent) use WhatsApp for daily communication, the app is "of central importance in all age groups". Instagram (67 percent) and Snapchat (54 percent) are also used a lot. Skype, Tumblr and Google+, on the other hand, are rarely used, they "only have a marginal user base". Girls are significantly more active on Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram; Guys are more diligent on Twitter for this.

Young people trust the Tagesschau

The study also asked about trust in news offers. The young people rated the offers with school grades. The Tagesschau and the Tagesthemen from ARD received top marks from most of the respondents: 84 percent of the young people gave it a grade of 1 or 2 ("trust completely"). This is followed by regional daily newspapers (77 percent) and public radio stations (75 percent). The news sites Spiegel Online and Focus Online were in the middle of the field, with 50 percent of young people giving a 1 or 2. The tabloid "Bild" brought up the rear in the print and online versions: 15 percent gave a 1 or 2 each Only very few people trusted the paper. (dbe)

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