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Greek Dating App

You can DOWNLOAD our Greek Dating App HERE:android For a long time it was a niche in the market. There were no Greek dating apps. Countless searches in the app store went nowhere. Into the nirvana of cyberspace. These can no longer be served retrospectively. The desperate users had to stay single :-)) Well, to be honest, not really. . In any case, there was no such app. We also had a hard time assessing how far the world needs something like that. From the experience with our members at greek-date, the website, we have found that our users struggle with new navigation elements. So we created an app that has exactly the same controls as the website. Then why an app at all? The advantages are obvious: the member who operates our site via an app

  • Will be notified on the mobile phone every time he / she receives a message
  • has an app icon for this on the mobile phone, so you don't have to laboriously enter the domain into the browser
  • Knows better where the other users are, because the location is transmitted more precisely by the mobile phone

Only the Android version is currently available. If you need the Iphone version, please contact Anton at 0163-9100955. This should follow soon.

Greek Dating Site

The Greek-date is the dating site for Greeks in German-speaking countries. We are also happy to welcome Germans who like Greeks. Occasionally also French, Swiss, Swedes and much more. These other nationalities mostly come to us because of their love for Greek culture; a previous relationship with a Greek, or about the love for Greece, which mostly came about through vacation or work. Among the Greeks on our side we also see different "peoples." There are the Greeks who grew up in Germany; those who came with their parents at a young age; and the Greeks who were washed into Germany by the crisis. There are also the Greeks from Greece who want to come to Germany again. Some want to stay in Germany forever and some until they retire; or return to Hellas after 2-3 years. The functions that we offer after a short registration are:

  • Search area: Members near me
  • Who is interested in me (who looked at me
  • Psychological test to find the ideal partner
  • Exchange messages

Dating app with Greek letters

Dating with Greeks is similar to dating other nationalities, with subtle differences. The Greek cannot easily be won over to a meeting in three days. First there is always talk of the bush, then you have to meet right now. Just a southern mentality. I think that must be due to the weather in Hellas. When the sun is always shining, you don't have to plan much in advance. But the date is something special for the Greeks. You take your time and don't plan it between going to the doctor and going to the cinema. The man MUST pay. If he doesn't, he's too wrong on this side. In fact, our logo also hides a couple of Greek letters. Can you find her ?!