Why was Stargate SG 1 canceled

Not only because of "Independence Day 2": "Stargate" reboot canceled

Stargate-Mythology exists in abundance, thanks less to the Stargate-Cinema films by Roland Emmerichbut rather thanks to the three TV series Stargate Command SG-1Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Nonetheless, Emmerich and Dean Devlin, who started the science fiction series with him, were planning a new film trilogy - which we probably won't get to see any more than their intergalactic oneIndependence Day 3.

TheStargate reboot broke up, says Devlin at Empire. It looked good for a few months, but it no longer looks good. A lot of things just have to happen at the same time, and for a moment Devlin thought it was going to work, but then it all fell apart - one of the reasons why he prefers to work independently without the interference of big studios.

Like his new sci-fi directing projectcountdownthat he also produces himself and with the good old ones Amblin-Films compares. The story revolves around a teenage boy who loves space travel and forges an incredible plan with friends and an eccentric former NASA engineer to save his dying father. But let's stick with it Stargate.

Not just the disappointing performance of Independence Day - recurrence makes the reboot unlikely. If you got it right, Devlin said, it would StargateFans like it and could be great. If not, they would refuse, which in that case they should. And Devlin doesn't want to do it as long as he feels like it's going to be dumped. That is also why one hesitates with it.

Several studios (Warner Bros. and MGM) are involved, a lot of people want to have a say, which could lead to the result that in the end something comes out that hardly resembles what it should actually be. This kind of "collaboration" is one of the things that bothers and scares Devlin about the whole thing. In fact, the originalStargate still independently produced, so that he and Emmerich had freedoms back then that they no longer have today.