How can I increase the speed of my thinking

Seminar content brain training

The brain-speed approach
Memory aids and memory aids have been around for a few thousand years. Even Simonides developed the idea of ​​route technology in antiquity. Creative learning methods and memory techniques are not new. Others have already dealt with these methods fundamentally and practically. Brain-Speed ​​has linked and coordinated selected methods. This effectively links learning psychological, neuroscientific and ergonomic findings. That is new.

Methods and creative techniques to increase concentration and memory

Immerse yourself in new learning methods and new approaches! The seminar is aimed at all those who want to train their brains, want to improve their intellectual performance and are open to strange learning methods.

By networking our five areas of the brain, information can flow faster, increasing the speed of thinking. With the learning and memorization techniques that are taught, we can enormously increase our memory. And with concentration techniques that are addressed, we are able to work in a focused and effective manner.

The extensive knowledge on this topic, supplemented by own experience, is compiled in a scientifically based concept with empirically proven knowledge of methods and techniques.

learning goals
Attention, memory and creativity are trained. The learning objectives are to activate brain performance (increase the speed of thought processes), train the ability to think and remember (improve memory performance) and strengthen the ability to concentrate. In addition, all five areas of the brain (complex thinking, vocabulary, visual perception, coordination and memory) are activated and linked to one another.

In alternation between theoretical content and practical exercise units, memory training, drawing, coordination, activation, relaxation and concentration exercises take place.

After the introduction to the basics of brain physiology, the processes of information absorption, processing and storage in the brain are discussed. Our brain is divided into five different areas, the lobes of the brain. Each area has different functions that are specifically trained and linked with one another. Brain teasers are designed to break down common thought patterns. A brief introduction to juggling activates new regions of the brain and contributes to increased brain performance.

The connection between learning methods and memory is addressed. Trying out new thinking, creativity and memorization techniques enables you to apply examples to your own life.

In a further block, the topics of concentration ability and concentration promotion are addressed. Factors influencing concentration are dealt with: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, workplace design.
Contents at a glance

  • Basics of brain physiology (function and structure of the brain),
  • our memory (3-memory model, memory tips, reminders),
  • Information absorption and storage processes in the brain,
  • neurological functioning of learning processes,
  • Activation and connection of our five brain areas,
  • Memorization techniques,
  • Factors influencing the ability to concentrate,
  • Brief introduction to the topics of speed reading and neuropressure to promote concentration,
  • Brief introduction to juggling to increase the performance of the brain.