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We should hurry to collect our allowance from that nincompoop Mark.
We should get our pocket money from this jerk Get Mark.
You think I'm a nincompoop?
Nincompoop "President Bush should be declared a Distinguished Zionist," quipped Tsahi HaNegbi, an Israeli thug-turned-Minister, when the words of the American president ceased to reverberate in the end-of-June heat of Middle East.
Buffoon "President Bush should be proclaimed a prominent Zionist" - teased Tsahi HaNegbi, an Israeli criminal who had become a minister when the echo of the American president's words faded in the late July heat of the Middle East.
The Jews of Khazaria needed a nincompoop for a Khan, because their power was far from complete, and only a nincompoop would surrender to their demands.
The Jews of the Khazar Empire needed one Buffoon as Khan, because her power was by no means complete, and only one Buffoon would give in to their desires.
Now she's married to that nincompoop and there's nothing I can do about it.
Now she is with this Simpleton married and i can't help it.
He was, in addition to being a complete nincompoop, rather a chubby lad.
He wasn't just an incredible one Simpletonbut also pretty thick.
Not to worry, even a nincompoop like Tully can't spoil this war.
Don't worry, even one jerk like Tully, don't spoil this war.
You must think I'm a nincompoop, sergeant.
Let her stay if she preferred this fat nincompoop!
"If yours this fat jerk would rather then she should stay."
I shall not be vilified by this- this nincompoop in the house of my ancestors.
I am not going to let this one go Hansel perform at my ancestral home.
I used to know a Chinese ... called Tu Wei, who is a nincompoop.
I once knew a Chinese named Tu Wei who was a real sucker.
The first time you see a white nincompoop naked?
Is this the first time you see a white one Stupid naked?
Come on, you blubberish nincompoop!
And don't forget to mention that you're a complete nincompoop.
Do as I say you nincompoop!
Hot lips, you incredible nincompoop, it's the end of the quarter.
We cannot underestimate our enemies, even if they come in the form of a nincompoop US president from the oil business (see Midnight Notes: The First Rule of Peace: Respect Your Enemy) - we should also, however, not overestimate them.
We must not underestimate our opponents, even if they are considered one more idiot US presidents from the oil business come along (see Midnight Notes: The First Rule of Peace: Respect Your Enemies) - but we shouldn't overestimate them either.
It's "N" as in "Neanderthal" ... "nincompoop, "" nitwit, "and" L "as in" ladder. "
"N" as in "Neanderthals", "Annoyance, "Fool" and "L" as in "ladder".
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