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Andreas Knorr puts the bags on the kitchen table. "So here are the purchases," he says. "Finally the cats have enough to eat again," says Helga Korder, relieved. The pensioner slipped on the black ice two weeks ago and broke her arm. As a result, she is restricted in her ability to act and dependent on help.

Since services such as shopping or household help are expensive, she resorted to the offers of the Stuttgart exchange forum, one of several exchange groups in Stuttgart. The basic idea of ​​a swap ring is to offer services depending on your skills. In return, you do not receive euro money, but so-called talents, a virtual currency that is credited to a specially set up account. Goods can also be exchanged cashless.

Exchange rings are now international, there are more than 300 in Germany alone. At the Stuttgart Exchange Forum, you earn 20 "talents" per hour. All services are rated equally. "It doesn't matter whether someone has studied or not, time is billed equally for everyone," says Gabriele Sonns, member of the organization team.

Helga Korder joined the company two years ago because she wanted to do something for others, such as car driving. "It's a shame when the car just stands around," she says. Otherwise, the former teacher offers to bake cakes or make arrangements. (...) The participants agree how much a service is charged. If they do not come to an agreement, the arbitration board intervenes, but it is rarely used.

Source: Stuttgarter Nachrichten of January 22, 2007