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Contribution from petermue ┬╗Mon 31 Oct 2016, 9:26 pm

Good evening,

there was a lot to read

First of all, here is the picture of the boiler or the label on the boiler:
First of all, this means max.working pressure 10 bar and test pressure 15 bar - right?
S4B5 wrote:Back to the topic, why 10bar? Because of the increased amount of air or rather because of a special tool?
Good question - a bit of both.
I really need neither one nor the other. Only more volume would be - especially at night - quite pleasant.
Nobody complains when the compressor starts up for a short time late in the evening, but you don't have to push it to the limit.

The compressor currently switches off at approx. 7.4 bar and switches on at ~ 5.8 bar. That's exactly where the problem lies, or that's where I'll start.
So far I didn't know or hadn't given myself much thought that the pressure regulator could be adjusted.
So you've already given me a good solution.
Schorse wrote:But your compressor will probably turn on too late if the pressure drops. There should actually also be an adjusting screw for the switch-on difference on the pressure switch.
I would then set a cut-off pressure of 9 bar and a cut-in pressure of 8 bar. That should be possible without risk.
that hits the bull's eye

If my pressure switch offers the possibility, I will probably increase the cut-off pressure to 9 bar and the cut-in pressure to ~ 6.5 bar.
This means that the device does not run out of air so quickly.

The critical components, i.e. the aggregate and boiler, are obviously designed for 10 bar, so there shouldn't be any problems.
Whether the unit can handle the 10 bar (ex works in the HC53DC) so well in the long run is just a matter of fact (keyword: planned obsolescence).
Helix wrote:Anyone who has ever operated an impact wrench at 10 instead of 7 bar knows that the impact energy cannot be compared. I know why the TE wants to turn it up. For me it was done with 9bar as a compromise with turning the pressure switch.
That would actually be the only point that could be relevant for me, although my small impact wrench (Hazet 9012M) has still got everything open.

One more thing on the subject of duty cycle and heat problem:
I had already used the compressor for "sandblasting" * and painting in midsummer, when the part ran at times around 6 hours a day.
Sure, the unit doesn't stay cold, of course, but I wouldn't speak of a heat collapse either.
* Yes, you can "sandblast" several motorcycle frames and rims with it, but it takes some patience.

Should I actually have more volume need, then an additional tank would certainly be worth considering.

All in all, already for the constructive contributions

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