How does jogging help you lose weight

Jog till you drop9 tips for successful jogging

Jogging is one of the most effective ways to get fit if you follow a few basic rules. Our fitness expert Linda Freutel takes you on a run and explains step by step what you need to consider in order to lose weight successfully with jogging.

Let's just run away from the bacon. Because Lose weight with jogging Like endurance training, it is one of the most effective kilo killers of all. But jogging is also a real asset for fitness. Regardless of whether it's calorie consumption or fitness training - runners achieve top scores in all categories.

One hour of jogging is the average Calorie consumption at almost 547 calories. In addition, the body pumps 1.8 liters of oxygen per minute through the muscles. This is a record! And easier to get to than you think. We have tips to help you Learn to jog facilitate.

These nine rules for losing weight with jogging lead to success:

No quick start

1 If you want to lose weight through exercise, you shouldn't rush anything. An untrained body should slowly get used to the new stress; otherwise your health suffers, but so does your motivation.

So don't start with a full running unit right away, but slowly approach the new pace. Extensive walking is also effective and a good start. Only those who have completed two weeks and at least six (better eight to ten) walking units should start jogging.

Start with 15 minutes of running training and slowly increase first the frequency, then the duration and finally the intensity. Advanced runners who want to lose weight should jog for 30 to 45 minutes at least two to three times a week.

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Constant dripping lets the pounds melt away

2 Losing weight with jogging is not about quick success. Rather, regularity is the only and honest key to success.

In practice this means: it is better to run more often and for a shorter time or less intensively than occasionally and exhaustively.

Those who go jogging regularly not only benefit more often from the so-called “afterburn effect”. This means the high energy balance that the body receives for around an hour after training. But it also loads its muscles, tendons and joints in a gentle way.

Variation is motivation

3 The same route every day, at the same pace and at the same time: It's boring - and hardly effective. The body always needs new stimuli, otherwise the training success will stagnate.

Music for jogging

These are the best jogging playlists on Spotify:

Variation is therefore a secret to losing weight with jogging. Therefore, switch between different training intensities (interval training, uphill training, walking and sprinting).

Different running surfaces and routes also set new stimuli, also for the psyche. If you are bored while running, it is your own fault!

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Muscle games

4 Endurance sport is an effective calorie killer, but anyone who dreams of a healthy and beautiful bikini body cannot avoid a few strength exercises. With squats, lunges, sit-ups and other strength classics, you not only shape your body into crisp curves.

Muscles also function like small power plants that have a consistently high calorie balance. In other words: muscles burn fat. Even in the idle state. The more muscles you have, the faster the pounds drop.

Apart from that, firm muscles support the musculoskeletal system and thus cushion the impact of running. Muscular exercise is therefore a must, especially for people with joint problems.

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Get out!

5 If you constantly make yourself comfortable on the treadmill, you shouldn't be surprised if you can't lose weight by jogging. Of course, treadmills are better than nothing, but a little trot through the fresh air is a lot more effective.

Not only do oxygen and daylight stimulate the metabolism, the uneven outdoor surfaces are also more strenuous for the muscles. If you don't dare to step outside in the wind and rain, you should set at least a one percent gradient on the treadmill to meet the demands of the wild.

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Strong together - and slim

6 Losing weight with running works alone. But it's a lot more fun for two. However, you should definitely be on the same training level with your running partner. Otherwise, the fast runner adapts to the slow runner in order to avoid excessive demands.

New fitness trend: jogging and collecting waste

Plogging is the name of the latest fitness trend from Sweden, which is just about to conquer the world. The term is made up of the Swedish word "plocka" for collect and the English jogging.

The principle is very simple and environmentally friendly at the same time: while jogging, rubbish lying around is collected and then disposed of. In addition to the physical condition, bending over and picking up also strains other muscles, which is why plogging is also ideal as an interval training.

Losing weight with jogging is straightforward

7 how fast? With what heart rate? And what is an aerobic area anyway? There are countless training theories about losing weight by jogging - which make sense, but also make things unnecessarily complicated.

Don't get bogged down unnecessarily. The formula for losing weight with jogging or exercising is actually very simple: Anyone who consumes more calories through exercise than they eat through food loses weight. Point!

The variations that result from meticulous pulse control are so minimal that the calculation is not worthwhile. Therefore, always run in such a way that you do not feel overwhelmed or under-challenged, switch between different intensities and do not forget the strength training, then the pounds drop off by themselves.

Walking is not enough

8 Running alone consumes many, but often not as many, calories as one would like. So even regular exercise does not justify the extra cheese pizza in the evening; at least if you want to lose weight sustainably. Without a few compromises on the menu, even the fastest runner won't get any further in terms of kilo.

Jogging in the morning: this is important to note

During sleep there is a fluid deficit in the body, which is why joggers should definitely drink two to three glasses of water before they start running.

The muscles and the brain also need energy. Digestible carbohydrates, especially in liquid form or a bar, provide energy.

After jogging, a morning full of carbohydrates and protein is the order of the day, for example in the form of a fine muesli with nuts and fruits.

We know what that means: Less sugar and less fat; but more vegetables, white meat, fish and fruit.

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Please don't go hungry

9 However, a healthy, calorie-conscious diet should not be confused with a starvation diet. A radical diet is even counterproductive when it comes to losing weight while jogging.

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Fat burning does not function entirely without energy reserves from food; in the worst case, the body even feeds on its muscles. But if you want to boost fat burning while jogging, you shouldn't eat anything about 2 hours before training and, if possible, avoid carbohydrates after training.

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