Which frame is better Django or Yii

Yii is a server framework written in the PHP programming language. The framework is a collection of tools and libraries. He helps to quickly develop daily tasks. In the work used architectural applications. Yii is an MVC paradigm. With the help of the applications in the architecture framework, the project is divided into the modules. The last remaining are called logical segments. Aim of a framework - the provision of comfortable environment for the creation of web project. Your functionality should be large and easily expandable.
Yii excels in quality work, good speed. The developers always observed the support system. You can post your tip in the forum, only in English. However, there is also the Russian-speaking community wherever you can get help.
The software is free. Has all the modern standards necessary for creating a complete website. Yii is characterized by a large number of libraries. Has an intuitive tool to work with the database. Many users believe it is most secure and stable.
Yii software has built-in generator source code. With the basic options, the number of time limits, the code can shrink to ten. It is only charged when it is necessary. Yii has a high quality lazy initialization subsystem, so it works faster. He has many remarkable virtues.
1. The frame is characterized by high performance.
2. There is an intuitive user interface for working with the database.
3. The software supports internationalization.
4. Understand cache pages and fragments. There are several caches.
5. Yii can intercept and handle errors.
6. It is possible to enter and validate forms. You can set rules or create your own.
7. A foundation for authentication and authorization.
8. Framework, AJAX and supports the REST.
9. Supports skins to get you rotated easily in the future. This can be done with a few clicks.
10. Third party libraries can be connected.
11. It is possible to migrate the databases.
12. Test runs automatically.
Software Yii applies on the basis of BSD license. It is a great benefit for commercial web application development.