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Joe Pesci

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SurnameJoe Pesci
jobActors, singers, musicians
star signAquarius
place of birthNewark
nationalityUnited States of America
size162 cm
Hair colorGray

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American actor Joe Pesci is best known for his performances as a mafia villain. For his role in the gangster film "Goodfellas" he won the "Oscar" for best supporting actor in 1990.

Joe Pesci's résumé led him early on to acting. At the age of five he was already working in theater productions in New York. At the age of ten he was regularly seen in the television series "Startime Kids". In the 1960s, Pesci initially focused on music, released an album and played in several bands. It was not until 1976 that he was seen in one of the leading roles in the film "Bloody Payday" for the first time. Actor Robert De Niro saw the film and was impressed with Pesci.

De Niro then persuaded director Martin Scorsese to cast Joe Pesci in his film "Like a Wild Bull", which established the actor in Hollywood. For his role, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. In the following years Pesci played in the gangster epic "Once upon a time in America" ​​again alongside De Niro. In 1989 he took on a humorous role in Lethal Weapon 2, the famous action series starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

A year later, the actor had his greatest success to date with the mafia film "Good Fellas". He won the Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance. In the same year he played one of the villains in "Home Alone". From the 1990s Pesci was seen in fewer and fewer productions and devoted himself to his less successful music career. In 1999 the actor announced that he wanted to withdraw from the business entirely. In 2010 he took on a leading role again in the gangster drama "Love Ranch" on the side of Helen Mirren.

How could it be otherwise: With a gangster epic by Martin Scorsese, of all things, Pesci returned from retirement in 2019. For "The Irishman" the mime received another Oscar nomination in the category "Best Supporting Actor".

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