Who are the top techno artists

Top 5 Techno DJs

Top 5 Techno DJs

September 18, 2020 by Redaktion in Magazine

Techno has been a growing genre of music since the late 1980s, and it has only been at the top of the charts in the past six years. In 2019, electronic music will have its biggest year so far. The DJ industry earns millions through a growing DJ presence in the summer festival scene through to further acceptance in mainstream pop circles.

Here we show you the 5 best DJs in the techno scene

Amelie Lens

She is a Belgian electronic DJ known for her live sets. In the last few years she has gone from underground hero to headlining with Richie Hawtin. Amelie's fans are some of the most passionate in today's DJ world. Amelie Lens continues to tour Europe and North America quite extensively.


He is a key figure in the German DJ scene and has made a number of award-winning appearances since 2011. In Europe, Solomun is one of the biggest names in the underground scene, although he never made it big in North America. Solomun convinces its audience with its unique mix of hip-hop, soul, funk and R&B and is still one of the biggest money makers every festival can rely on.


He's an Iranian-born American house DJ and well worth a visit for anyone interested in underground dance music. Sharam received high praise in mainstream circles for his remixes of popular tracks by Nicks, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Coldplay, Bruno Mars and was awarded a Grammy for his remix of Dido's Thank you. He has more than half a dozen house hits and was voted one of the top DJs of the decade.


He was also born in Iran and is an American house DJ, although his style is more techno than the progressive house and remix styles of Sharam. Much of his new work has highlighted other artists, including coproducing tracks with electric act Underworld and working on a collaborative project with Oliver Huntemann. Dubfire's productions continue to receive praise from Beatport, the BBC and DJ Magazine.

Carl Cox

He has been a fixture on the UK techno scene since the 1980s and a key figure in promoting techno music around the world. Carl Cox spun for BBC Radio1's Essential Mix, runs his own record label and routinely presents himself under the guise of 'Carl Cox & Friends' at popular electronic music festivals.