What happened recently at the 2017 Oscar

After the historic Oscar mistake: Tweets are now taboo

First “La La Land”, then “Moonlight” - after a huge faux pas, the last Oscar gala ended in chaos. The mix-up of the winning envelopes made headlines around the world. How can such a breakdown be prevented? With cell phones and house bans?

A year ago, Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz were still beaming down the red carpet, but they forfeited this honor thoroughly. Now there is a strict Oscar ban for long-time employees of the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) auditing company. After all, they are credited with one of the biggest blunders in the history of glamorous film awards. It was Ruiz and Cullinan who handed out envelopes with the names of the Oscar winners backstage at the 89th gala show. According to old tradition, only these two PwC chosen ones know the winners before the award ceremony.

Under police protection, they brought two identical sets of the winner's tickets in two briefcases to the Dolby Theater and handed the appropriate envelopes to the laudators behind the stage - just before the winners were announced. That went spectacularly wrong at the height of the show a year ago.

Perplexed stars, perplexed audiences

Actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented the Oscar for best picture. He opened the red envelope, looked puzzled at the card and hesitantly passed it on to his "Bonnie and Clyde" colleague. She read aloud «La La Land». While the producers of the film musical were already giving their acceptance speeches, after a few minutes of horror the following was corrected: The drama "Moonlight" is the winner. The stars in the Hollywood hall were just as perplexed as millions of viewers worldwide.

There was chaos on the stage for minutes, only later did the huge blunder clear up. Beatty was holding the wrong envelope for "Actress in a Leading Role". That was Emma Stone for «La La Land». She had received her trophy shortly before.

The mishap happened backstage, where Beatty and Dunaway had simply received the wrong envelope. Those responsible at PwC later apologized contrite: "We are currently investigating how this could happen, and deeply regret that it happened."

Distracted by Twitter?

How did the error come about? A few minutes before the faux pas, Brian Cullinan tweeted a photo of actress Emma Stone after her Oscar win. US media speculated that this may have distracted the examiner.

And much more important - how can such a mistake be prevented at the 90th anniversary gala? After the decision of the Oscar Academy, Ruiz and Cullinan are now banned from the house. We will continue to cooperate with the company PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has been responsible for the secret counting of the Oscar winners for more than 80 years. You are sending veteran Rick Rosas into the race on Sunday, who has already distributed the envelopes fourteen times.

Cell phones forbidden

He has two other auditors at his side, so instead of double, now triple control. Tim Ryan, US boss of the company, also wants to be personally present at the Oscar show. There is also a ban on cell phones. Posting photos, comments or tweets on social media is taboo for PwC employees backstage.

The Oscar Academy is now responding to the faux pas with humor. At the chaotic end of the show, host Jimmy Kimmel said with a wink: "I promise I'll never come back". Now he's back on stage on Sunday. In a recent commercial on a therapist couch, he joked that he dreams of the breakdown every night and that he can no longer open his envelopes. At the end of the video, Warren Beatty turns out to be his psychotherapist.

It is still a secret which laudators will read out the winner in the royal category “Best Film” at the finale of this year's show. Probably not the "Bonnie and Clyde" colleagues Beatty and Dunaway. It would be a good opportunity to invite the makers of the Oscar-winning «Moonlight» to the stage. Finally, their triumph was overshadowed by the chaos a year ago. The actual winners of the evening only had a few minutes in the spotlight to be properly celebrated.

The Oscars will be awarded for the 90th time on the night of Sunday March 4th to Monday March 5th.

Responsible for the Oscar mishap in 2017 and therefore will be banned from the Goldman Awards in the future: Martha L. Ruiz and Brian Cullinan from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Image: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / dpa

They were the spoiled ones: Emma Stone and Ryan Gossling are happy about the supposed victory for their flick “La La Land”.

Image: FotoWare fotostation, MARK SUBAN / AMPAS

But then Warren Beatty had to correct: “Moonlight” and not as announced “La La Land” won the Oscar in the category “Best Film”.

Image: FotoWa re fotostation, AARON POOLE / AMPAS

The audience is shocked to realize there was a mix-up.

Image: FotoWare Index Manager, Matt Sayles

After the false announcement of the best film, Jordan Horowitz (left), producer of the film “La La Land”, shows Warren Beatty the envelope with the real winner of the award for the best film “Moonlight” during the 2017 Oscars.

Image: Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / dpa

Then he makes the biggest gesture of the evening: When Jordan Horowitz notices that it is not his film but “Moonlight” that has won, he gives director Barry Jenkins a warm hug.

Image: FotoWare fotostation, AARON POOLE / AMPAS

They can hardly believe their luck: The «Moonlight» actors freak out with joy when it turns out that they actually got the Oscar for the best film.

Image: FotoWare Index Manager, Matt Sayles

The show must go on, Warren Beatty seems to be signaling here. He can't help it either, because he got the wrong envelope and opened it.

Image: FotoWare fotostation, PHIL MCCARTEN / AMPAS

Brian Cullinan from PricewaterhouseCooper and Warren Beatty (r.) Discuss the error. Faye Dunaway (left) stands helplessly next to it.

Image: FotoWare Index Manager, Matt Sayles

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