How do I dress to look thinner?

These eleven fashion tricks will make you look thinner

Sometimes it's just difficult. There are those days when our own body awareness plays tricks on us. Let's not kid ourselves, actually we can all be satisfied with our bodies. But on some days you don't feel really well after all. In fact, the right clothing can help you feel better about yourself. Which fashion tricks you can use to put yourself in the limelight ...

1. Black is beautiful

Black is and will always be your best friend when you have a few pounds on your ribs! Black clothes always cheat away a few pounds and are therefore our number one slim styling tip! Trendy narrow cuts and fashionable accessories such as. B. high boots.

But: Just be careful not to look too sad in completely black clothing. Ideal for this: colorful accessories such as scarves or eye-catching jewelry.

2. The waterfall look is flattering

Small problem areas disappear very quickly under a shirt with a lush waterfall flounce. The plump areas are wonderfully concealed by the folds falling downwards. In addition, the optics stretch.

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3. Mix the pattern correctly

You should only wear flowers, checks or graphic patterns where you are slimmest. If you are narrow at the top and a little wider around the hips, the pattern should go up. If you have large breasts and thin hips, you can wear a patterned skirt. It is most advantageous if you combine it with black or dark colors.

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4. The ideal cut

Narrow and elongated shapes in jackets, shirts, pullovers and skirts visually lengthen the body and make the figure appear much slimmer.

5. The right bag!

Mini-bags do not fit a bulky body, they make the figure look huge. Bags that are too big, on the other hand, appear too bulky. Therefore, it is best to choose a medium size, you are definitely right.

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6. Stakes for the dream figure

Black fabric inserts on the sides immediately conjure up a slim and slim look, because dark areas are always optically set back. So first you only look at the narrow, light part.

7. Optimal cuts

Even if you have a few curves too many, you don't have to hide them under big things. That usually looks boxy and even more lush. Wear figure-hugging things, but not too tight.

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8. Be careful with knitting!

The thick cardigan in a light tweed look is nice and warm. Unfortunately, it is super bulky and makes the figure extra chubby! Better: a dark rib cardigan with lapels and lengthways ribs - it cuts a much narrower figure.

9. Blazer in top shape

Blazers are really figure lovers in every cut. But make them extremely slim if they have the following slim details:

  • Single-breasted suits look slimmer than double-breasted ones.
  • The longer the blazer, the more you can hide underneath.
  • Longitudinal strips are cheap anyway.
  • Long narrow lapels stretch the upper body and neck.

10. Don't be afraid of quilting

Padded things are timelessly beautiful, but unfortunately they are very bulky. Quilting is only cheap like this: wear black under a bright quilted vest and emphasize the waist with a belt. Choose quilted jackets as long as possible. Longitudinal stitching is better than cross stitching. They only look good if the jacket is tailored and the quilting at the waist is tighter. It is better to only buy lightly padded things and no padded skirts, these are the absolute fattening things!

11. Nice in sports

Stay away from neon colors! Dark sports suits are better. Luminous vertical stripes are great as eye-catchers and splashes of color, they also make you slim. Very important: The things must not sit too tight or even pinch, that makes you fat and takes away the desire to move.