Which is better Google+ or Facebook 2

Facebook vs. Google - two market giants in comparison

Active Google users

Google AdWords is one of the most famous advertising platforms. Companies use advertisements to draw users' attention to their product, offer or service. In the best case scenario, the user is convinced of a conversion - for example by clicking on an ad or making a purchase.

Based on the search term entered in the search engine, Google knows exactly what the user wants and can present him with the right offer. In this way, users are specifically addressed if they are already looking for a product or information.

Passive Facebook users

As one of the most important social media platforms, Facebook also offers the opportunity to place advertising. But first and foremost, Facebook is about free communication and exchange with one another. This means that users are not actively looking for products. You have no intention of making a purchase.

That is not to say that it is not worth promoting on Facebook. Because Facebook knows its users exactly and knows what they are interested in - and what they like to give. Based on the information collected, advertisements can be played out to very specific target groups. Facebook thus offers very precise targeting options.