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India's demand for bitumen exceeds national production


India's road network covers around 5.5 million km, making it the second largest in the world after the USA. Only 2% of them are motorways and only 60% of all roads are paved so far. [1]

That is why the development of the road network is one of the main priorities of the Indian government. First-class quality bitumen plays a crucial role as an essential building material. Due to ambitious expansion programs such as the east-west and north-south corridors [2] across India, bitumen consumption will increase from 4.8 million tons in the next seven years to 7 million tons per year [3].

By the middle of the century, India is expected not only to be the most populous country on earth, but also to become the third largest economy in the world (after the US and China). The associated construction of new cities and the planned extensive industrialization require the fastest improvements of the infrastructures - especially the traffic routes.

Therefore, the construction of an additional approx. 19,000 km of high-quality roads (expressways) is planned by 2022 alone [4]. The bitumen produced with Biturox® is an essential contribution to the efficient construction and long service life of these main roads.


Biturox® system for quality road construction bitumen


Around 65% of Indian bitumen production comes from Biturox® systems from Pörner. Of India's 23 refineries [5], 10 are already producing modern bitumen with high viscosity classes using Biturox® systems.

In order to reduce the import of bitumen in the future, IOCL has now invested in the construction of a bitumen plant with the proven Pörner Biturox® technology for the production of bitumen with high viscosity in the Barauni refinery. The plant has been producing grade VG-10, 20, 30 & 40 road construction bitumen with a capacity of 150,000 TPA since the beginning of February 2017. This amount is sufficient to pave 1000 km of motorway a year.


The process allows IOCL a high degree of flexibility in the choice of the input products: refinery intermediate products VR (vacuum residues) and HVGO (heavy vacuum gas oil) of various crude oils from the Middle East can be processed.

"Now we have one of the most modern bitumen plants in the world that meets all quality requirements." Mr. Shukla, director of the Barauni refinery, is pleased after the successful commissioning.


For Pörner, the scope of the contract included licensing, laboratory pilot tests in the Pörner research laboratory, basic engineering, delivery of the main components, commissioning support and staff training.

The new Biturox® plant in Barauni is the fourth plant licensed by Pörner for the Indian Oil Corporation after 1994 (Chennai Refinery), 2001 (Gujarat Refinery) and 2010 (Mathura Refinery).


The Pörner Mission


“In India, the monsoons and strong regional temperature differences mean that sometimes extreme conditions prevail that a road has to withstand. It is all the more important that India introduced the Viscosity Standard System 25 years ago - with our assistance, by the way. This system allows the quality of the bitumen to be clearly evaluated. This is an important economic factor, because the better the quality, the less weather-related road damage. We are pleased that the Pörner Group can help shape the development of this country, " says Pörner managing director Andreas Pörner.

As the world market leader in bitumen oxidation technology, Pörner recently awarded its 50th license and has been investing continuously in the further development of the process for over 35 years.


IOCL - Indian Oil Company Ltd. 

IOCL is India's largest company, employs 33,000 people and has been making an important contribution to the Indian energy industry for more than 50 years [6]. Indian Oil recently invested around EUR 6.5 billion in the modernization of its refineries and pipeline capacities, the expansion of the infrastructure and the improvement of product quality.

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