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Now more than ever - celebrate a wedding despite Corona

Couples wishing to marry prefer to dare each other in spring and summer. But this year everything is different. A virus turns the world upside down. The uncertainty is huge, because nobody can predict how the situation will develop in the next few months.

The festival will probably turn out very differently from what you planned some time ago. But you are not alone. We'll give you tips on how to be a romantic Wedding despite Corona can celebrate.


Getting married in Corona times

Major events are generally canceled until August 31. At the same time, there is still no telling when restaurants and locations will be allowed to reopen. Anyone planning a wedding celebration for this year will be confronted with new bad news every day.

There are many questions, but the official answers are not very satisfactory. Many newlyweds are faced with the question of whether they want the wedding cancel, postpone or despite Corona to celebrate. Take the time to answer and do not react from the first impulse. Certainly the celebration will go completely different than planned. However, if you cannot come to terms with the changed conditions, you should rather postpone the wedding.

Remember to notify the guests of the cancellation.



Yes to the wedding despite Corona

Despite many imponderables, many couples choose to love and get married even in Corona times. A celebration marked by "social distancing" may not go as planned, but it can still be extraordinarily romantic. A wedding couple in Hamburg experienced an unforgettable day.

On the return trip from the registry office, the originally invited guests surprised the couple with emotional and creative activities - of course at the appropriate distance. The video of this somewhat different celebration filmed by NDR was liked over 3.5 million times on Facebook.



Organizational extras for your wedding list

A Corona wedding requires additional planning effort. Inquire about six weeks in advance at the registry office and the municipality which current requirements you have to meet. Each state has its own regulations that you must adhere to.

Discuss with those responsible for the location. Are they able to implement any requirements and ensure sufficient space between the seats? Perhaps the celebration can also be moved outside. Or the restaurant delivers the wedding menu for a small wedding celebration in the home environment.

It is best to hide the large gaps between the seats with additional decoration. Wedding garlands and posters from the bride and groom conjure up a romantic ambience.



Plan for time delays

Even if you're because of that Coronavirus just a small one wedding do not do without a festive wardrobe, wedding invitations or floral decorations. However, keep in mind that the Corona crisis means that everything will take much longer than usual.

Inquire about whether your wedding dress will be available in time for the appointment. In any case, it is advisable not to pick up the cloakroom at the last second. When it comes to place cards, it is also worth planning ahead and ordering them in advance.

In case you are concerned about Corona the wedding If you have to move, opt for simple, elegant place cards without the wedding date. So you can use them later.



Romantic wedding for two

Nobody can look into the future and in the worst case it can happen that only two of you are allowed to get married in the registry office. Nevertheless, make the most of this day and go on your personal adventure with the right attitude.

It's up to you whether yours Wedding despite Corona becomes an extraordinary experience. Talk to the registrar whether you might be able to get married in a special location.

Then celebrate the start of your marriage as a couple with a romantic picnic in a special place. Remember, you can catch up on the post-corona crisis celebrations. It is best to inform all guests with one Save the date card of your plans.



Strategies for all eventualities

Probably is in the fall or winter in spite of it Coronavirus a wedding possible with a reduced number of guests. As a host, however, you have a duty of care towards older guests. Talk to older family members about whether they can distance themselves to be friends with everyone else to attend.

If you have to set up back seats for the bride's parents or beloved grandparents with a lot of distance from the other celebrants, help design them Wedding decoration especially loving. Another possibility is video connections so that ailing relatives or friends from abroad can take part in the celebration in this way.


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Date: May 27, 2020

Anne Dechamps

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