What is the full form of EPS

Grupor® EPS

(expanded polystyrene) better known under the brand name Airpop® / Styropor, is the classic among raw materials for economical construction, efficient and safe packaging and many other creative applications. Despite its low material cost, EPS consists of 98% air, it has a very high stability and elasticity. The air trapped in the pearls ensures the best thermal properties. EPS is a CFC-free particle foam that contains blowing agent and is produced as granules with a size range of 0.2 to 3.0 mm. Three processing steps - prefoaming, intermediate storage and foaming to form the finished molded part - turn the granulate into Grupor® Rigid foam.

The most important properties of Grupor® molded parts made of EPS:

- Thermally insulating
- Sound isolating
- Suitable for food packaging
- Insensitive to moisture
- high compressive strength
- high shock absorption
- light weight
- 100% recyclable


The special thermal properties have made molded parts made of EPS an indispensable component in the construction and packaging industry for many years. Group® Roller shutter boxes as well as window and door reveals made of EPS save energy costs and reduce CO2 The heating output is considerable. Warming and cooling boxes, protective helmets, toys and much more are made from EPS. In the event of a fall, it gives way, deforms and absorbs the shock energy. An only approximately complete list of the possibilities from EPS Granulate Grupor® Producing molded parts would go far beyond the scope of this website.