Defamation must be wrong

Defamation: Beware of false claims

Anyone who claims dishonorable about others without being able to prove it can be punishable by law. Particular caution is required in online networks.

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Apparently less explosive false claims can also have legal consequences.

Sometimes it's just a rumor. For example, that the ex-husband was not so careful with his tax return. "However, such a statement can quickly have far-reaching consequences," says Christian Christiani. Because the accused may not only have to ask critical questions, but also an investigation, explains the managing director of the Berlin Lawyers' Association. At the latest then the question arises: What is it really about the allegations?

Defamation and defamation

Basically: "If someone claims something dishonorable without being able to prove it, that is defamation," says Christiani. "If the person in question even knows that the allegation is incorrect, that is slander." And that is a criminal offense. If the statement triggers an investigation, the facts of false suspicion could be fulfilled. "And that can result in a fine or even a prison sentence."

Careful handling of unsecured information

Therefore, you should be careful with unsecured information, for example in social networks. "This is especially true when it comes to sensitive areas, such as medical or financial details or information about sex life," says Christiani. “It's always about the question of honor. You should be very careful not to overshoot the mark. " If it turns out that the fact is not true, whoever claimed it would have to expect a warning. In severe cases, claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering can be considered.

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Take action against false claims

On the other hand, those who are confronted with false defamatory claims should not just let that rest. "Especially when allegations appear on the Internet, they immediately reach a fairly large public, including potential employers, customers and the personal environment," says Christiani.

Demand omission

Therefore, those affected should consult a lawyer and request an injunction. "Even judicial proceedings for interim legal protection can be completed within a few days - and faster if necessary." Then the author or the site operator must remove the relevant entries.

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| Updated: Friday, April 26, 2013 3:32 pm

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