Can do internships in a CDAC course

I am a second year CSE student. What is the best internship for me and what kind of organization?

Do you make app development and real world problem solving happy?

If so, then read on

Internships are a great way to get in touch with industry. You will learn the requirements, the different phases of product development, working with the team, the latest industry trend, writing quality codes, useful tools and software, and so on. Most internship campus companies don't allow 2nd grades, but that doesn't mean you won't find any. The most important thing is to build skills. If you are not technically strong, you will be rejected every time you apply. Upgrade your build software, boost your Github profile, and you're good to go.

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Now back to your question.

The best organization for you will be a startup. You can use AngelList (highly recommended), internships in India | visit Internshala, Hasjob etc. You can work remotely but working with the team is what I would recommend.

You can apply for GSOC (Google Summer of Code). Search the web for how to crack this.

You can contribute to the open source community. Try to accept pull requests in projects of your interest.

Contact your network (e.g. college graduates, professionals) to get an internship with their organization. However, you must also have specialist knowledge.

Work on your own project and make it open source. Your project has to solve one person's problem. You can also collaborate with your friends or ask your professors or seniors to mentor you.

If nothing works, you need to improve your skills. Get some online / offline training or tutorials. Choose the domain / technology that interests you and work on it little by little.

All the best 🙂