Psychopaths sociopaths hear sad songs

Psychopaths love black coffee and only listen to certain music songs - a study has now revealed. But it is now under heavy fire.

Pascal Wallisch, Professor of Psychology at New York University, wanted to know: Do people with personality disorders prefer to listen to certain songs than others? He did a little study on this - and found amazing things.

Psychopaths like to hear Justin Bieber? New study claims to have revealed amazing things

According to its results, should Psychopaths prefer to hear rap songs like "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, "No Diggity" by Blackstreet or the pop song "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber. These are very well-known and globally heard music hits - does that mean that you have to seriously worry about yourself now?

No, because Wallisch is now under criticismthat the study is not representative enough. The reason for this: Far too few test subjects - only around 200 people - took part. In addition, they were not selected at random, it is said.

Among other things, the study participants first had to fill out a questionnaire and make statements such as "Everything that I get away with is correct for me" or "Love is overrated". Only then were they allowed to listen to a certain playlist with 260 songs. They rated them according to whether they liked them or not. Wallisch then evaluated both data sets.

The psychopath among us: study results under attack

But he too has to admit to the Guardian that the result is not yet round. So he wants to continue the study, because he is convinced: "The media always portray psychopaths as ax killers and serial killers, but the reality is that they are not obvious. They don't look like the Joker from Batman. You could be sitting right next to you at work and not be noticed at all. They are like psychic black matter", so Wallisch.

It is estimated that the description of a psychopath applies to about one percent of the general population. "Nobody wants these people in positions where they can cause a lot of damage," continues the researcher. "That is why we need an instrument to be able to identify them - without them having to participate or have to agree."

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