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Companies with short-time work until 2020

Published by J. Rudnicka, April 29, 2021
These statistics show how many companies in Germany introduced short-time working between 1992 and 2020 (annual averages). Before the Corona crisis, there was by far the highest number of companies with short-time working in the crisis years 2009 and 2010, when an annual average of almost 56,000 and a good 49,000 companies resorted to the instrument of short-time working. Even in the Corona crisis, the number of companies offering short-time work has increased immensely, on average over the months of January to October on 311,993 farms. For the first time, the effects of the corona crisis can also be seen in the data from the Federal Employment Agency, for which the final information on the short-time work that has been implemented is only available with a delay of five months. Information on the effects of the coronavirus on the economy can be found on this topic page

Limited comparability of the annual averages