What goes well with coconut rum

Coconut Rum - Caribbean seduction

Rum - Caribbean seduction! Next to the pineapple, the coconut is one of the most popular fruits when it comes to tropical and Caribbean cocktails.

Coconut rum or coconut rum - pure or in cocktails an exotic pleasure

When it comes to Caribbean or exotic cocktails, the coconut is one of the most popular tropical fruits, next to the pineapple. This popular ingredient has also become very popular in rum in recent years, the mild and sweet taste inspires more and more people and the general sweetness of coconut rum is becoming more and more popular both in bars and in private. The basis for this is the very mild and at the same time very gentle taste of the coconut. More and more manufacturers have recognized this trend and are now pampering with various rum creations, ranging from simple rum with a lot of coconut in the taste to high-quality rum liqueurs that literally melt on the tongue. Coconut rum is suitable for pure enjoyment (always very well chilled, preferably on ice), but is also very popular in cocktails. When it comes to tropical and Caribbean cocktails, coconut rum is becoming increasingly popular. Especially in connection with pineapple, a cocktail or long drink can be created that is wonderfully soft, aromatic and expressive. The tropical feeling is particularly emphasized with this type of rum. Rum liqueurs with coconut flavor are also ideal for desserts or for icy creations. They give something sweet and cold a very special something. They create the tropical feeling and the longing for distant exoticism and, perhaps for this reason, are becoming more and more popular in general.

Which cocktails go well with coconut rum or coconut rum?

You can often find coconut rum in exotic or Caribbean cocktails. Mostly it is a mixture with the right fruit juices, which are often freshly produced in-house in these areas. Pineapple juice, orange juice and exotic juices such as mango juice or the like go perfectly with a coconut rum or coconut rum, regardless of whether it is a bought one or a homemade one. If you buy a coconut rum, feel free to try a few, because the tastes are known to be different. Also check the sugar content and try sweet versus less sweet. Below we will also show you how you can make the rum with coconut yourself. So you have everything at hand to find or create your own favorites.

Cocktail recipes with the best coconut rum or coconut rum

Which coconut rum is the best for you depends entirely on your own preferences. Do you prefer it sweet or should the unadulterated taste of the coconut itself be the focus. Many of the well-known coconut rums are more like a liqueur than a real rum. This doesn't have to be bad, but has a lot to do with personal preferences. So give it a try, including the homemade variant. At this point you will find some cocktails with coconut rum. Hopefully they will make you want more.

Make coconut rum yourself - coconut rum homemade is that possible?

You can easily make coconut rum yourself, this has the advantage that you can adapt it to your own taste. Many coconut rum varieties have more of the characteristics of a liqueur and are quite sweet. With the homemade variant of coconut rum, you can work out the coconut's own taste perfectly.

What you need for your coconut rum:

1 coconut

350 ml of water

350 ml of sugar

1 bottle of 750 ml white rum

First you have to conjure up two holes in the coconut. You can do that with a corkscrew. You could just as easily use a drill. Starts at the right places. The three dark eyes on the coconut. You can fill the coconut water into a separate container and use it for something else. You don't need it for your homemade coconut rum. Now you pack the whole coconut in the oven at 200 degrees. This will dry out the shell and you can later dismantle everything more quickly and remove the coconut meat from the shell more easily. After about 15 minutes you can take it out and let it cool down until you can touch it without burning your fingers. Now you can hit the nut with a hammer and remove the meat from the shell with a knife. Use a peeler to remove the brown skin from the meat and cut the coconut into small pieces. In the meantime, mix the sugar and water in a saucepan and simmer over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Now you add the pieces of coconut meat and stir until they have dissolved. Let everything cool down and fill into a suitably large, wear-resistant container and pour the bottle of rum over it.

Shake everything well and then store in a dark and cool place for one to three weeks. The longer the whole thing rests, the more distinctive and intense the coconut aroma becomes. In between you can shake the coconut rum every now and then. If you like the taste then you strain the rum through a cloth into another large vessel, so that the last traces of the coconut fibers are removed. Then you can fill the whole thing in bottles and use it for your next cocktail creations.

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