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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Creation of a suitable photo

1. What should be considered when taking a photo for adults (from 10 years)?

All requirements for a biometric passport photo and sample photos can be found here.

2. What should be considered when taking a photo for children (6 to 9 years of age)?

In principle, the same requirements apply to photos of children as to photos of adults. The difference is that for children's photos one larger image section required is. When taking the picture, there should therefore be enough background around the head and the shoulders and part of the upper body of the child should also be photographed.

3. What should be considered when taking a photo for babies and toddlers (up to 5 years)?

The photos must be submitted up to the age of 5 not checked for biometric suitability and simplified requirements apply.
  • The facial expression may differ (for example, the mouth may be slightly open).
  • They do not have to look directly at the camera, but the child should have their eyes open.

However, the following requirements must also be observed here:

  • The photo must be high-contrast and sharp.
  • The background should be one color, light and without a pattern.
  • There must be no shadows in the background or face.
  • Objects (pacifiers, cuddly toys) or a second person in the picture are not allowed.

4. What are the most common mistakes when creating a photo?

  • It is not entirely a frontal shot
    The head must be centered in the picture and straight.
    Our tip:
    You can recognize a frontal alignment of the head by the fact that both ears can be seen equally in the picture (possibly hair tucked behind the ears). The camera should also be aimed at eye level.
  • There are reflections on the lenses
    The eyes must be clearly visible through the glasses.
    Our tip: Avoid taking a picture with a flash or in front of a strong light source (mobile phone display for selfies).
  • The glasses cover parts of the eyes
    The glasses frame must not overlap the eyes.
  • The mouth is not completely closed
    A neutral facial expression and a closed mouth are mandatory for biometric passport photos.
  • The hair covers too much of the face
    The hair must not fall too far into the face and under no circumstances cover the eyes.
    Our tip: Tie your hair up or pinch it behind your ears. If necessary, you can pin back long bangs with a bobby pin.
  • The background of the picture is not completely monochrome and without a pattern
    The background must be monochrome, light (ideally light gray or white) and without a pattern.
    Our tip: Take the photo in front of a white or lightly painted wall (indoors or outdoors) without any rough texture. Alternatively, you can stand in front of a light-colored door or a plain-colored cupboard without decorations.
  • There is a shadow in the background of the image
    There must be no shadows in the background.
    Our tip for adults and children:
    A shadow can be avoided through balanced lighting, e.g. by taking a picture in daylight opposite a window without direct sunlight and without camera flash. In addition, the person portrayed should be at least half a meter away from the background.
    Our tip for babies:
    Place your baby on a somewhat harder surface, e.g. on a carpet with a bed sheet or a blanket on it (in white or light gray, alternatively a white sheet of paper) to avoid excessive folds in the area of ​​the head.
  • The image section is too small
    There should still be enough background around the head and the shoulders should also be included.
    Our tip: Keep enough distance to the camera.
  • The picture quality is not sufficient
    The image must be sharp, rich in contrast and have a high resolution. It must not have any disturbances (pixels, rough structure, spots).
    Our tip: Use a digital camera or a cell phone with a good camera. Instead of taking a selfie, we recommend having someone else take the photo, as the mobile phone's “selfie camera” usually has poorer image quality and the face is slightly distorted.

Requirements for a biometric passport photo for adults

Requirements biometric passport photo babies

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The passport photo generator

1. How does the passport photo generator work?

With the passport photo generator, biometric passport photos can be created in three simple steps. If the previously taken photo is already on your PC, you can call up the generator in your browser. If you took the photo with your smartphone, the generator can of course also be operated via the mobile browser.
  1. Select & adjust image: Use the blue button to select the photo you want from your PC or smartphone. Using the gray button, you can select the appropriate “mask” that is placed over the photo, depending on the age of the person depicted. The photo can be zoomed or rotated with the yellow buttons. You can drag the mask on the blue dots until the dashed lines for the head end and chin, as well as the gray bars for the eyes and nose area are exactly positioned on the photo.
  2. Preview: You can use the small preview image to check the selected image section again.
  3. To order: In this step you have the option of booking the “inspection and image optimization” of your passport photos. You can find more information on this under Review & Image Optimization.

2. Can I also create normal passport photos with the passport photo generator?

Of course, you can also use the generator to create normal passport photos. Simply select the desired image section without taking into account the mask for biometric passport photos.

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Examination & image optimization

With the optional additional service “Examination & Image Optimization” you can be sure that your passport photos are suitable for applying for an ID card, passport, etc. We check and revise your photo and guarantee that it will be accepted by the authorities.

1. What does “test of biometric suitability” mean?

We check whether your photo meets all requirements for biometric passport photos. This includes, for example, a plain, light background without shadows, a frontal head position or the correct alignment of the face in the picture.

2. How does the professional revision of the picture work?

If necessary, we revise your photo with professional image editing programs and, for example, clean up the background or remove shadows. We also optimize brightness, contrast and sharpness and remove any color cast to get the best out of your photo.

3. What does “acceptance guarantee for your passport photos” mean?

We guarantee that your finished passport photos are biometric and will be accepted when applying for official documents. If this is not the case, we will immediately arrange for a replacement free of charge. You can easily send us new images by email and we will adapt them for you.

4. For which ID cards is a biometric passport photo required?

Type of IDBiometric passport photo required?
Identity cardYes
Driver's licenseYes
Overseas visaYes
Troop IDYes
Health cardNo
Disabled passNo
Student IDNo
Student IDNo
Public transport ID cardNo
Forklift licenseNo

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1. How much does the production of passport photos cost?

For € 6.95 you get 6 passport photos according to official German specifications for biometric passport photos, suitable for ID cards, passports & Co. For an additional € 2.50 you can book a review and revision of the picture including acceptance guarantee.

2. What types of payment are there?

You can choose the right one for you from the following payment options:
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Giropay
  • Bank transfer / advance payment (dispatch after receipt of payment)

Further information on the payment methods can be found under Shipping & Payment

3. How long does shipping take?

After receipt of payment, your order will usually be processed within one working day and sent to you by Deutsche Post on this day as well. Within Germany, delivery takes place after up to three working days. Shipping abroad usually takes one to two working days longer. However, depending on the country, the shipping time is up to twelve days possible.

4. What are the shipping costs?

Within Germany we will send your order free of charge as a letter with Deutsche Post. Worldwide there is a flat rate of € 2.50 for shipping.

5. Can I order from abroad?

You are also welcome to order from us from abroad - we deliver worldwide for a flat shipping fee of € 2.50. Please note that the photos denote the official German specifications for biometric passport photos.

6. Is there a shipment tracking?

Since the passport photos are sent by standard letter, shipment tracking is unfortunately not possible.

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Security & data protection

1. Will my data be transmitted securely?

Your photos and personal data are transmitted to us via a secure connection (HTTPS) so that they are as well protected as possible against theft by third parties.

2. What happens to my uploaded pictures?

Your pictures will be protected from access by third parties as well as possible and will only be used to produce your passport photos. They are automatically deleted from our server. The server location is in Germany.

3. How long will my data be stored?

All image files transmitted by you are automatically deleted from our server after 30 days. In addition, your personal data will only be stored to comply with the statutory retention periods.

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