Features of PVC foam sheet

PVC foam sheets

FOREX classic & color

Premium board with outstanding mechanical properties

Fine-cellede homogeneouse foam structure and evenlye, semi-glosse surface are their preference.

ColoursWhite; yellow, dark yellow, orange, red, blue, dark blue, green, gray, black
Strengthenwhite in 1 - 10 mm; colored in 3 mm (and 5 mm on request)
Formatswhite: 2030 x 3050 mm or 1560 x 3050 mm; color in 3 mm 1220 xx 3050 mm, other formats on request

FOREX print

The economical solution for printing

Light, bright white, even surface, printing without pretreatment make them popular!

Colourswhite, foiled on one side
Strengthen2 mm up to 10 mm
Formats2030 x 3050 mm or 1560 x 3050 mm; other formats on request


PVC free foam board with special properties

PVC free foam panels with 20% higher material density than comparable hard foam panels!
The fire classification "flame retardant“It is ideally suited for applications in public spaces. The panels are offered in numerous formats - so there is minimal waste and a very good price-performance ratio.

These features inspire:

  • matt / matt, protective film on one side
  • high degree of whiteness, best bending stiffness
  • optimized surface for best ink adhesion
  • Density: 550 kg / qm (white), 600 kg / qm (colors)
  • Process reliability through tight thickness tolerances
  • flame retardant according to EN 13501-1 B-s3, d0
Colourswhite, gray, yellow, dark yellow, red, black
Strengthenwhite in 1 - 30 mm; gray and red in 3 and 5 mm, yellow in 5 mm, black in 3, 5, (8) and 10 mm
Formats1560 x 3050 mm, 2050 x 3050 mm; and many other formats - we will be happy to provide you with information on request

WILKULUX® PVC integral foam sheet

The solution for light printing

Amorphous thermoplastic with closed-cell, matt-glossy surface and very high UV stability for outdoor and indoor use.
Very easy to print and bondable, low moisture absorption, flame retardant & self-extinguishing, therefore can also be used as a thermal break. The Wilkulux PVC foam sheet suitable for contact with food (FDA-Compatibility).

Strengthen10, 19 and 24 mm
Formats1250 x 3000 mm, in 10 mm thickness also 1250 x 4000, 1560 x 3000 and 1560 x 4000 mm



  • very good mechanical properties and surfaces
  • insensitive and robust
  • Rigidity
  • simple mechanical processing (standard tool, thermoforming)
  • versatile



  • Sign making
  • Advertising technology
  • Lamination
  • Exhibition & shop construction, shop design
  • Interior & window dressing
  • Display
  • screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • medium and long-term outdoor applications

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