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Correct the priority of the LAN adapter

Stephan Mayer

Notebook users in particular are familiar with this problem: while surfing the Internet in the garden or on the terrace, the WLAN is practical and pleasant, but if you are shoveling the music from the NAS onto the hard drive for your next trip, it would be very useful if the notebook would use the wired LAN connection because it is usually much faster.

EnlargeHow to correct the priority of your LAN adapters.
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But Windows usually throws a spanner in the works because it does not switch the network connection independently, but uses the connection with the highest priority. This behavior also ensures that the user can intervene and change Windows behavior.

EnlargeThe utilization diagrams of the network connections provide information about which of the connections is actually being used.

Working with the correct network settings: Open Windows Explorer and click on the entry “Network right”, then select “Properties”. Here you select "Change adapter settings", then in the following window first press the first of your network connections once on the left and then the "ALT" key.

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In the menu that then appears, select "Advanced / Advanced Settings". In the following dialog box, click the entry "WLAN connection" once on the left and then the down arrow to the right of it. The changeover can take a few minutes or just a few seconds, depending on the driver and processing power of the computer - you shouldn't let the waiting time unsettle you.

EnlargeBy changing the order, you redefine the priority of the network connections. Windows uses the top one when it is available.

Depending on the driver software, this configuration can often be used directly without restarting the computer. Most drivers, on the other hand, require a restart after the change in order to become active. You can see how your machine behaves in the task manager when you click on the "Network" tab: If the desired LAN connection remains at "0%", a restart is required in order to use the desired setting. As a rule, however, the wired connection is much faster, so that it is worth the time if you want to copy more than 500 MB.