Why should I buy a MacBook Air?

Eight reasons to buy a Macbook instead of a Windows notebook

It's the eternal duel between Microsoft and Apple: While Apple clearly rules the smartphone market alongside Google, most PC and notebook users use Windows - not least because of the price. Both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages - "Business Insider" has now summarized why it could be better to use a Macbook.

1. Simple decision-making process

While one of the greatest advantages of Windows devices is their versatility - there are numerous models for every purpose, be it gamer or student - the large selection can be problematic, especially for people who cannot exactly assess their requirements. Since Apple is the sole manufacturer of Macbooks, it is far easier to decide on a configuration.

2. MacOS can be "simpler"

Windows has become much clearer and easier to use over the years, but it can still seem a bit cluttered at times. In comparison, MacOS offers a decent, clean operating system - in which case personal taste predominates.

3. Apple's ecosystem

Almost every Apple device, be it Mac, iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV or the new Homepod (Smart Speaker) can be networked with each other in some way. Hardly any other company has this ecosystem, although it must be borne in mind that it creates a certain degree of dependency - if you already have several Apple devices, the change will be more difficult.

4. Less bloatware

Many Windows devices come with lots of unwanted software, called bloatware, preinstalled. Often a complete reinstallation of Windows can help - but even then games like "Candy Crush" are preinstalled. Macbooks cannot do without bloatware either, but such programs are less common.

5. New MacOS versions are free

Apple offers new versions of its operating system free of charge. If a Macbook supports it, it can also install it. While there are also major free updates for Windows twice a year, this does not apply when switching from one version to the next. Microsoft may have offered the upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge for a long time, but that wasn't the norm.

6. Macbooks have great screens

Hardly any manufacturer can keep up with Apple's Retina displays. They show sharp images with strong colors. A warning should be given in this case against the Macbook Air - the device is already several years old and still uses an older, much worse screen.

7. Good trackpad

Macbook trackpads are some of the best out there. Extensive research is often required here to find a Windows equivalent. It offers pleasant, haptic feedback and supports numerous gestures

8. If you still want Windows, you can install it

Unlike the other way around, Apple does not allow MacOS to be installed on a device that does not come from the manufacturer without major complications ("Hackintosh"). Installing Windows, on the other hand, is no work, so this is one possible way to enjoy the "best" of both worlds. (red, May 29, 2018)