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Bossner Rolando Robusto


The Bossner Rolando Robusto consists of a Piloto insert and a Dominican Olor binder. The representative wrapper is made from Connecticut Maduro tobacco. The Robusto from Bossner promises a tasty smoke of around 50 to 60 minutes. The cold train turns out to be a bit stally and nutty. It measures a length of 12.5 centimeters and has a diameter of 20 millimeters, which corresponds to a ring gauge of 50. The hand-rolled vitola starts out quite powerfully and convinces with nutty flavor right after lighting. The dark gray ash cone is slightly frayed, but still very firm. After the first puffs, this vitola offers the smoker the first dark chocolate nuances, which are underlined by a little mint. The second third convinces with its Robusto-classic peppery taste, which is quite common with such dark cigars. Despite the large ring gauge, this cigar remains exceptionally mild and not too bulky. The voluminous Bossner Rolando Robusto is one of many special cigars from the manufacturer Bossner and, like other Bossner products, is of very high quality and can only be recommended. The finale is quite spicy with light chili notes and a fresh, minty tingling sensation on the tongue.


Bossner cigars stand for excellent workmanship and the highest tobacco quality. Only the best tobaccos in the region come into question for the Russian Konstantin Bossner. The Bossner Rolando Robusto is based in the Dominican Republic. This vitola differs from the classic Bossner classic line with its Maduro Broadleaf wrapper.


The Bossner Rolando Robusto is a barely intrusive cigar with a slight sharpness and is one of the lighter day cigars with high demands on quality and balance, which go well with a tangy, refreshing drink.