Why don't celebrities use cell phone cases

Cell phone cases with star appeal: How celebrities protect their smartphones

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They are practical and also look super cool: the cell phone cases that hold the smartphones of our favorite celebrities.

With the customizable accessories, many stars not only protect their cell phones, but also express their personality. In some cases, maybe more like their image. True to the motto “Show me your case and I'll tell you who you are”, we checked out the stars' most eye-catching smartphone cases for you. Our conclusion: From Riri to Kylie Jenner, many a celebrity can be recognized by their cell phone pocket.

Why the stars love cell phone cases

Well: Smartphones are not for everyone. Ed Sheeran doesn't have one and some colleagues have at least decided to do without. The majority of all stars, however, depend on the smartphone. Be it for communication with management or to keep in touch with family and friends on long shoots and tours. The fact that (almost) all of them need a cell phone is not the only reason why many stars love cell phone cases. The super adaptable accessories are perfect for self-presentation, because nowadays we can provide them with any design. Stars have to stand out from one another because of their job. Why not use smartphone cases to express uniqueness?

Oh how cute

We love animals! If our favorite celebrities didn't, they probably wouldn't be our favorite celebrities. The fact that he carries his dog, Peta star Woody, around on his smartphone case, makes us the Englishman even more likeable. It doesn't always have to be your own pet. The cute cat print on Irina Shayk's mobile phone cover also appeals to our hearts for animals. Then there is the little giraffe on Kendall Jenner's case. Sometimes she even goes a step further and puts her smartphone in a furry sleeve. Let's hope that no animals were harmed during production. In comparison, we prefer stars who move us with their families. From J.Lo to Tory Spelling to Heidi Klum, they all have their cute children with them on their mobile phone cases. You're a bit like us.

Sheaths of extravagance

You have to look twice! Are Paris and Nicky Hilton wearing an oversized Chanel no. 5 perfume around? You could trust them, but no: it is their cell phone cases that come in perfume form. Paris can be even more unusual: namely with a pink smartphone case in a hand mirror look. Not extravagant enough? How about the fries bag wrapping Katy Parry's cell phone or the Louis Vuitton suitcase around Chiara Ferragni's smartphone? Stylish and extraordinarily imaginative!

Great announcement

Pictures and motifs are not for everyone. Some people prefer clear statements. These also look good on cell phone cases. On Rihannas, for example, the lettering Monster. Kris Jenner also likes (big) words. "Queen of F ****** everything" is written on her smartphone case. How could it have been otherwise? Dani Katzenberger has a signature that goes just as well with her image.

Photo: Adobe / majdansky

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