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The 101 Best Ecommerce Tools to Grow Your Business

E-commerce tools for customer service, direct communication and email marketing

39. CleverReach®

CleverReach® supports you in the efficient Email Marketing. With this tool you can create professional and effective newsletters without any prior knowledge or experience. Numerous ready-made templates are available to you; alternatively, you can create your own templates with just a few clicks. And to save even more time, you can also automate all of your email campaigns. If you have any questions, you can contact the responsive e-mail and telephone support from CleverReach® at any time.


Sumo is one of the e-commerce email capture tools that one should be aware of. The power of email marketing is still widely underestimated. Collect the correct data with Sumo and automatically compile your email list for high impact campaigns. Sumo is easy to integrate and has plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce. You can also start with a free email marketing plan that also provides you with a number of valuable features.

41. Mailchimp

You probably already know Mailchimp. Nevertheless, we would like to mention this excellent automation tool for email marketing at this point. Create beautiful and engaging email templates, select subscribers, send your email campaigns, manage subscribers, track your campaigns, set up an autoresponder and split test campaigns to optimize your strategy Improve results.

42. Sleeknote

Sleeknote offers everything you need to attract a steady audience and to inspire website visitors, to advertise popular products and to reduce the abandonment rate. The results are promising. Collect email addresses and reactivate contacts, convert visitors to customers and increase product sales by highlighting interesting, relevant or new products.

43. Zendesk

Customer service is the be-all and end-all of any successful company. And Zendesk is one of the key providers that can make your life a lot easier when it comes to customer service. The platform is a robust tool for customer service and customer loyalty, with which you can interact with your customers quickly and easily - whether on the phone, in chat, by email or in social networks.

The ticketing system collects all customer inquiries from various sources and bundles and manages them in one central location, which effectively makes work much easier for your employees. With the help desk software, your employees can easily track, prioritize and resolve customer support requests. Macros enable quick access to recurring customer inquiries that can otherwise be very time-consuming. This saves you valuable time and allows you to speak proactively with your customers before they contact you of their own accord.

44. ZendeskChat

As mentioned earlier, Zendesk is a great tool for your customer service needs. With ZendeskChat you can get in touch with the visitors of your website proactively and in real time. Use ZendeskChat to create a custom chat badge for your website, set up proactive chats for visitors who react to a specific trigger, answer questions from interested customers and get access to meaningful metrics and reports.

45. Drift

Drift is a live chat tool that allows you to create conversational chatbots on your website. You can use it to get in direct contact with the visitors of your website and gain more potential customers. By posting frequently asked questions in advance and coordinating the answers on the various pages of your website, you can help potential new customers quickly find the information they are looking for and encourage exchange on the product pages.

You can also use this tool to connect your customers directly with your support team, for example for interactions that require a more “human” approach.

46. ​​GrooveHQ

GrooveHQ is a customer support tool for bundling your customer communication. With this you can set up a common inbox for your customer support team. The tool also provides the ability to easily set up a knowledge base that you can access quickly and that provides access to your company's interactions with customers.

This tool is very suitable for brands and retailers looking to provide tailored customer service. With GrooveHQ you can improve the customer experience and simplify communication within your team.

47. Intercom

At its base, Intercom is a messaging platform. With tailor-made and automated messaging you improve your customer relationships by offering your customers an experience that is personally tailored to them. Intercom enables companies to communicate with both potential and existing customers. Whether you want to communicate through your app, website, social media or email, Intercom centralizes it all in one place and allows you to control and automate your communication.

At the same time, you can also track and filter your customer data, including your conversion data from previous purchases and payment details. With this data you can create personalized, automated marketing emails and trigger in-app messaging with custom workflows. In addition, you can target your customers in a targeted manner, improve the personalization on your website and thus improve your conversion rate.

48. Xsellco eDesk

Customer support over multiple communication channels is very time consuming. Every day, hours are spent jumping from one tab to the next for a better overview of pre- and post-sale questions.

eDesk brings together the data from customer interactions on your website as well as from all your marketplaces and social channels. This data is all displayed together in a clear dashboard so that you always have a quick overview of all relevant data. Customer support tickets are matched against the correct order details from all points of sale. This way the process is unified for your team in one simple system.