Why did you stop text and drive

Translation of "du halted" in English

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It was nice that you stopped.

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I'm glad that you me stoppedbecause the two of us are almost the same.
Listen, I'm really glad that you stopped me, because, guys like you and me, we're kind of the same.
I saw the handle in your pocket when you him stopped.
As you about me stopped, I should have said yes.
When you proposed, I should have said yes, I was just scared.
I wore the dress when you for my hand stopped.
This is the dress I had on the night you asked me to marry you.
Then I found out that you for her hand stopped.
I really looked as good as you me stopped?
Did you stopto make any phone calls?
Martin why did you stop?
I was a stranger to you and yet did you stop, to help me.
You were a complete stranger, yet you stopped to help me ...
You stopped And bought beer because she asked you to.
You went along a couple of withered flowers and you stopped.
You brushed up against some dead flowers and you stopped.
Yes sir, that was a lucky night when you for my hand stopped.
You have Not stoppedwhen I asked you to.
You stopped and get him to take away?
Then I'll go back to my closet and put on every color I can find ... * Thank you, Silke, that you in the pouring rain stopped!
I'm going back to my closet now, putting on every bit of color I can find ... * Thanks, Silke, for stopping in the pouring rain!
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