What do dreams about missing teeth mean

Dream interpretation of the row of teeth

Teeth have a vital function. We use them to chop up our food, making it easier to swallow and digest better. Painful or missing teeth are a major problem.

In addition, a flawless row of teeth is also an indication of social congestion. It indicates a person who takes care of himself and who has enough money to correct damaged or crooked teeth and, if necessary, replace them with artificial ones.

If someone dreams of a row of teeth, they may be planning a visit to the dentist. If the dreaming has healthy teeth, he presumably looks forward to the appointment calmly. If you have a hole in a tooth, you are sure to be tense or even experience real panic attacks in your dream. In the dream interpretation, the condition of the row of teeth is crucial.

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Dream symbol "row of teeth" - the general interpretation

A row of healthy teeth embodies health and strength as a dream symbol. Since the row of teeth is visible to everyone, these properties are also perceived and recognized by others.

In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol also stands for general and sexual energy as well as for specific needs. Presumably the dreaming feels particularly strong and efficient in his current phase of life. An intact row of teeth in the dream also symbolizes the independence of the dreaming.

If a row of teeth is unusual, for example four rows of teeth suddenly appear in the lower jaw instead of two, the person concerned takes over in his current phase of life. The person is using more force than they actually have. Here it is important to be careful and to consider whether you can at least hand over part of the work to someone.

For an accurate dream interpretation it is generally important to determine what the row of teeth looks like and what happens to the individual teeth:

While a radiantly healthy row of teeth indicates success and gains, the dream symbol warns of losses and setbacks if the dream is about sick or loose teeth.

If a carious tooth receives a filling, then in the dream interpretation this is an invitation for existing problems solutions to find. If a tooth is extracted from the row of teeth or if one loses teeth in a dream, the expectations of the dreaming will be disappointed. The dream symbol of incomplete rows of teeth then also warns of financial difficulties.

Dream symbol "row of teeth" - the psychological interpretation

A bared set of teeth conveys aggressiveness. In the psychological dream interpretation, a visible row of teeth is therefore also a sign of that Assertiveness and the superiority of the dreaming person.

The dream symbol also stands for sexual energy. If the dreaming tries to bite someone in the dream, lust and the desire to possess the one show in it. If there is a gap in the dream symbol "row of teeth" because a tooth falls out or has to be pulled, the fear of Loss of potency and declining sexual attractiveness. Suppressed urges and erotic longings are also expressed in an incomplete row of teeth.

If the perfection of a row of teeth is endangered in the dream, this can be an indication of repressed feelings of guilt in the dream interpretation. Especially if the dreaming loses a tooth in the presence of spectators, the dream symbol can symbolize a conflict between the self-image and the assessment by others.

If some teeth are loose in a row of teeth, this leaves in the dream interpretation on one unstable personality shut down. The dream symbol expresses the unconscious fear of ultimately losing control of one's own due to one's own fickleness.

Dream symbol "row of teeth" - the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the dream symbol "row of teeth" can mean for one Maturation process stand. Growing and losing teeth accompany people for a lifetime, from babies to children, from adolescents and adults to old people.

If the row of teeth is completed by the addition of new teeth, this can result in growth of the mental abilities indicate. The loss of a tooth in the dream interpretation can draw attention to an impending incision, for example, from the death of a person.