What is your experience with house inspections?

References, experiences and opinions of our customers

"The house inspection helped us with the financing of the house we bought. The bank did not want to make a loan commitment without a statement of costs for the modernization.

"We actually commissioned the appraisal because we didn't want to wait several weeks for a market value appraisal. We had the written result within four days of the employee's visit. Very quickly. It made the negotiations much easier."

"When the appreciation arrived, the discussions about the value of the inherited property in the family stopped. We received a property valuation quickly, easily and inexpensively."

"We were very satisfied. Both the commercial process and the on-site house inspection were uncomplicated. The final report - including the detailed cost overview - helped us with the purchase decision and the corresponding financing of an old half-timbered house comprehensively answered. The price / performance ratio is right. We can definitely recommend the in-house inspection! "

"Provides security when buying buildings with older structures. In addition, some ideas for renovation were given."

"We got an overview of the costs incurred, which helped us a lot in the purchase decision."

"Have been saved from a great mistake!"

"The house inspector gave us a detailed assessment of the condition of the structure of the single-family house that we wanted to purchase. We were made aware of weak points, received precise information about what needs to be renewed in which period and what costs will be incurred. We received security about insulation and any moisture in the house. Through the house inspection we received confirmation that we were buying a solid house that is in very good condition for its age. Anyone who wants to buy a property and is not a specialist can do so we can only recommend this service. "

"Before buying the house, we did a house inspection with appreciation. There was no major damage and the purchase price was only 5000 euros above the estimate. Nevertheless, it was good to have the security. My wife would otherwise never have agreed."

"Highly recommended before signing the purchase contract! Those who save here - save at the wrong end."

"Great thing. Things that seemed bad to us about the house weren't as bad - other defects were shown to us that we would never have found on our own."