How do you hear in silence

DO YOU HEAR THE SILENCE? *** Meditative exercises for 5 to 16 year olds) LOAD FRESH! - Buy used book

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  • Bank transfer (prepayment)

Shipping costs for books

Shipping costs for books staggered according to weight
up to 500 g2,90 €4,50 €5,00 €
up to 1000 g2,90 €4,50 €7,00 €
up to 2000 g5,00 €4,50 €13,00 €
about that10,00 €6,00 €23,00 €

Additional contract, shipping, delivery and payment terms

1) The dispatch takes place uninsured within one week after payment in advance (bank transfer).
2) The shipping risk is borne by the buyer.
3) If an insured shipment is desired, the buyer bears the difference between the insured and uninsured shipping method.
4) No statutory guarantee, as it is sold privately.

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