Are there internationally recognized micronations

10 extraordinary micronations around the world

A micronation is a community that appears to be an independent sovereign state. However, these pseudo-states often lack the characteristics that define a state under international law. Many micronations don't take themselves that seriously either, or they emerged from art projects. There have even been several entertaining micronations in Germany. Here we present you 10 unusual "states and republics" around the world.

1. Sealand, Essex, UK

If Sealand were recognized by the United Nations, it would be the smallest country in the world. It is not an island in the strict sense of the word, but rather a rusted platform off the coast of Suffolk in England. Platforms like this one were built to defend the land during World War II. In 1967, the former Major Roy Bates occupied the platform and proclaimed independence. Sealand, the "Principality with independent sovereignty", has its own motto: "E mare Libertas", which in German means "freedom comes from the sea".

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2. Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

Christiania is probably the most famous independent community in the world. The "free city" was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies and artists who wanted to get away from the control of the state. Today Christiania is a small district in Copenhagen and is officially recognized by the authorities as an autonomous municipality. It has also become a major tourist attraction in the city. There are (few) laws of their own that allow soft drugs, among other things.

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3. Seborga, Italy

Italy not only has the Vatican and San Marino on the list of small states, but also a whole series of micronations. So does Seborga, the self-proclaimed principality in the province of Imperia. The community has existed since the 1960s and tries to prove that Seborga does not belong to the Italian state. Although it is not officially recognized by Italy, the region benefits from Seborga's name recognition thanks to numerous media reports. A copy of the ancient Italian currency (the Luigino) has even been minted, which is accepted as a form of payment by shops in Seborga.

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4. Talossa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The vast expanses of the micronation Talossa stretch across a… bedroom in Milwaukee. In 1979, then 14-year-old Robert Ben Madison founded Talossa shortly after his mother's death, but unlike other children, Madison kept his imaginary kingdom into adulthood and even enlarged it. It has had its own flag since 1981 and thanks to a sudden media and web presence in the 1990s, Talossa now has over 200 "citizens".

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5. Moresnet, Liege, Belgium

It all started in 1815 when Prussia and Belgium couldn't decide what to call the strip of land between the two states. The result was Moresnet, a neutral area that was proposed as the world capital of the Esperanto community in 1908, with Esperanto as the official language. After almost a century, the neutral area was finally put to an end in 1918: the Peace Treaty of Versailles rewarded Belgium with Moresnet. A visit to the Belgian area is still more than ideal from a tourist point of view, because as a three-country corner it borders directly on Germany and the Netherlands.

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6. Mapsulon, Pistoia, Italy

In 1996 a small village in the mountains of Pistoia in Tuscany decided to give up everything modern: no television and the asphalt was even removed. If you want to visit the village, you have to do it on foot, cars have been banned from the Micronation Mapsulon. The village decided to take this step in order to protect the environment and to return to the origins. The small “independent state” has an online magazine and numerous contacts with intellectuals and writers. Mapsulon consists of the area of ​​the village of Maresca and its surroundings. Spending your vacation there is certainly a different kind of experience, but you shouldn't hope for a jacuzzi!

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7. Kugelmugel, Vienna, Austria

A micronation in the Vienna Prater? Why not! In 1971 the artist Edwin Lipburger built a ball house without having a building permit. However, the Austrian authorities were not kidding in this regard and the whole thing ended in a legal dispute and Kugelmugel's declaration of independence. Lipburger is now President of the Kugelmugel Republic, but in 1979 he was jailed for ten weeks for presumption of office. However, the government in Vienna finally showed neglect and shipped the construct to the Prater. Fits well, the ball house in the amusement park.

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8. NSK, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Can a state that doesn't exist and has no borders have temporary embassies around the world? Apparently yes, as the example of the NSK (New Slovenian Art) state shows. This community of artists and performers from Ljubljana founded a state that should have no borders and no territory, but should be understood as an abstract organism. It is also relatively easy to get a passport: Simply go to an exhibition or to one of the “official” consulates.

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9. Užupio, Vilnius, Lithuania

A sign at the entrance to the micronation says: Užupio Res Publika. The artistic district of Vilnius is full of artists, designers and galleries and has been independent since 1998. There is a president, a flag and a constitution. It contains rules such as "Everyone has the right to be unique" or "Everyone has the right to be lazy". Sounds like the ideal destination for your next vacation doesn't it?

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10. Alcatraz, Gubbio, Italy

No, it was not the former prison in San Francisco that declared independence, but Alcatraz in the heart of Umbria. The dreamy community is based on trust and mutual respect and wants to minimize waste and produce clean energy. They even have their own currency, passports and stamps. However, it must also be said that the nearest town is six kilometers away and the nearest cinema is 25 kilometers away. But between the yoga classes and the many massages there is no time for boredom anyway!

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All micronations at a glance:

1. SealandGreat Britain
2. ChristianiaDenmark
3. SeborgaItaly
4. TalossaUnited States
5. MoresnetBelgium
6. MapsulonItaly
7. KugelmugelAustria
8. NSKSlovenia
9. Užupio Lithuania
10. AlcatrazItaly

Other extraordinary countries and nations: