What is the best villa in Bali

Luxury villa in Bali

Have you always wanted to spend a holiday in a class of its own? Preferably on an island in the Indian Ocean? Then off with you to the paradise of Bali! It is no longer a secret that the island, which belongs to Indonesia, with its varied landscapes and diverse culture is now absolutely trendy. But did you also know that here one of the most beautiful vacation villas in the world is located? No, I'm not exaggerating ... It's best to take a look at the pictures yourself, then you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Welcome to Viceroy Bali

Luxury villa in Bali

Well, do I see the first among you who rub your eyes unbelievably or have to open your jaws again? I wouldn't be surprised, after all, it didViceroy Bali to offer its visitors a lot. The unique villa complex is located in the mountain town of Ubud and is located directly on a densely vegetated slope, surrounded by rice fields, jungle landscapes and impressive gorges. This view alone - priceless. Guests in need of relaxation can relax here not only in their own luxury villa, but also in the private pools, with a pampering outdoor spa treatment or with a round of yoga with a view of the rice fields. Oh, just this idea!

Depending on the category and travel period, you pay a hefty price here 500 € the night. But honestly, wouldn't this luxury somehow be worth it? Ok, ok ... it's not exactly a bargain, but you can still dream a little!

Just imagine, you live in such a villa ...

... and you can have breakfast in this place in the morning

Then you go swimming in this infinity pool

Fancy a little wellness including a dream view?

Or how about a round of yoga?

Off to Bali!

If you have actually got your wanderlust, you should definitely read my Bali tips beforehand. Yes, I warn you, then it will be done for you for good. If you do not have the necessary change for this dreamlike luxury villa in Bali, I can comfort you - there are numerous other great accommodations on Bali, even for the slightly smaller budget. So pack your bags and let's go!


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